How big of a water trough do I need?

The smallest size you can get for a cattle trough is usually around 140 gallons. Many cattle farmers choose 500-gallon water troughs in order to provide their animals with constant access to clean water without the need for constant refilling.

How far off the ground should a water trough be mounted?

It is important that tanks be buried into ground up to ONLY three quarters (3/4 or 75%) of its wall height. (It is also recommended to use a Heavy Duty grade of tank [HDT] for its extra wall thickness).

How do you keep a water trough clean?

If the water in the trough is dirty and needs to be dumped, veterinarians recommend disinfecting the trough with household bleach, scrubbing the walls and rinsing it thoroughly before refilling. Up to two ounces of household chlorine bleach may be added per 50 gallons of water to discourage algae growth.

How many gallons of water does a cow drink a day?

There are many factors, but a dry cow should drink 9 to 12 gallons a day. A lactating cow should drink 30 to 40 gallons day.

What should a water tank sit on?

Your manufacturer will be able to provide recommendations, but generally the best options are bases made of concrete or boxed compacted crusher dust. “Crusher dust” is available from nursery suppliers and is a mix of small crushed rock and fines.

What should I put under my water tank?

Types of Water Tank Bases:

  1. Sand: Sand is cheap but it has its challenges. If not supported correctly, it can run away very quickly during a storm or heavy rain.
  2. Pea Gravel: A solid option.
  3. Concrete: Is more expensive but will last the longest if constructed correctly.
  4. Dirt/Clay: This is similar to using sand.

How often should water troughs be cleaned?

once every one to two days
But conducting regular water checks and maintaining adequate water quality is time consuming, especially if one is to follow the recommendations per the Department of Agriculture, that ‘troughs should be emptied and cleaned once every one to two days’.

How do you keep algae from growing in a cow water trough?

7 Ways to Stop Algae Growth in Livestock Water Tanks

  1. Add a Sulfate. Copper sulfate and zinc sulfate have served as algae prevention for years by livestock producers.
  2. Add Barley Straw.
  3. Add a Small Amount of Bleach.
  4. Employ Fish Friends.
  5. Keep Animals Out of the Tank.
  6. Move the Tank to the Shade.
  7. Scrub Regularly.