How did the Street Sharks become Street Sharks?

Street Sharks (1994-1997) was an animated series about four teenage boys whose father is kidnapped by a rival scientist named Dr. Paradigm and transformed into a monster. When they attempt to rescue him, Dr. Paradigm transforms them into anthropomorphic sharks.

Who is the leader of the Street Sharks?

John “Ripster” Bolton
John “Ripster” Bolton (voiced by Lee Tockar) — John is the leader of the Street Sharks. He is the smartest and the oldest of the Bolton Brothers. He enjoys inventing; taking most of his knowledge and skills from his father. He’s also an avid pool player.

What did Street Sharks air on?

Street Sharks
Original network Syndication (Amazin’ Adventures)
Picture format NTSC
Original release September 7, 1994 – May 18, 1997

Who are the Street Sharks?

And oh, what characters they were. The Bolton brothers — Ripster, Jab, Streex, and Big Slammu — had larger-than-life personas that also seemed to liberally borrow from the TMNT’s core four.

Who was the strongest Street shark?

Big Slammu
Big Slammu is a mutant whale shark from Street Sharks. BIg Slammu is the sports-oriented brother and the strongest (as well as youngest) of the four.

Will Street Sharks come back?

The “Street Sharks” Are Back With Three New Limited Edition Toys from Mattel. An animated series and toy line from the ’90s, the “Street Sharks” were half-man/half-shark monsters that fought crime, and all these years later they’re coming back to life here in 2021!

Do the Street Sharks become human again?

The Street Sharks have suddenly become human again due to a formula made by Dr. Piranoid as part of a plot to keep the Street Sharks human permanently.

What did Dr Bolton turn into?

They became half-shark when a university professor named Dr. Paradigm tested his gene-manipulation techniques on a marlin and a lobster. Dr. Bolton, who was a fellow professor, had attempted to destroy Paradigm’s work but he was transformed into an inhuman monstrosity by the evil scientist before he could escape.

Who is the killer whale in street sharks?

Moby Lick
Moby Lick has all the powers of an orca. He has immense strength, like Slammu, and possesses a blowhole he can use to fire out compressed blasts of water much like a fireman’s hose. He also possesses incredibly sharp teeth like all of the other Sharks. He even has a long tongue that can be used to grab things.

Are street sharks worth anything?

You’re probably dying to know if your old Street Sharks Ripster figure is worth anything. Currently, eBay has quite a few Street Sharks toys that range from around $20-$50 loose. If you have an unopened member of the gang, a sealed Street Sharks action figure can earn you upwards of $200.

When did street sharks toys come out?

In 1995, Mattel launched the first set of Street Sharks figures with Ripster, Jab, Streex, and Big Slammu leading the charge. The figures were even introduced at Toy Fair 1994 by the one and only Vin Diesel.

What happened to Dr Bolton Street Sharks?

Bolton is helping the Street Sharks from the sidelines and keeps in close contact with his sons. He now lives to stop Dr. Piranoid and at the same time give other mutations refuge from the humans who fear them.

What are the Street Sharks on a runaway?

The Street Sharks are on a runaway from the police along with their friends Bends and Dr. Lena. The Street Sharks must find a new place to live in and be safe from society.

Who are the Street Sharks in Justice League?

The Street Sharks are tipped off about the disturbance in the time-space continuum by Dr. Bolton and work with Mantaman and El Swordo to thwart the two Dr. Paradigms and the future Dr. Paradigm’s Mechosharks.

When did Street Sharks come out in comics?

In 1996, Archie Comics released a short-lived comic book series based on Street Sharks. They published a three-issue miniseries which was based on the first three episodes of the series, and a regular comic series, which lasted three issues. From 1994 to 1997, Mattel released a line of Street Sharks action figures. ^ Perlmutter, David (2018).

Who are the actors in Street Sharks?

Street Sharks Genre Action/Adventure, Science Fiction Format Animated Series Created by David Siegel Joe Galliani Starring Lee Tockar Matt Hill Andrew Rannells D.