How do I apply for ETH Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology?

It is not possible to submit your application after the above deadlines have expired.

  1. Step 1: Fill out the online application in eApply.
  2. Step 2: Pay the application fee.
  3. Step 3: Compile your application documents.
  4. Step 4: Submit your application documents by post.

Is ETH Zurich easy to get into?

Is ETH Zurich hard to get into? Yes, ETH Zurich has a good amount of competition for the admissions every year. The acceptance rate is 27%. It is a little hard to get into just like any of the other top universities of the world.

How do I apply for ETH Zurich master?

Online application via eApply Please fill out the online application form completely. You will be guided through the online application procedure step by step. . Please note that your entries must be substantiated by uploads of the required documents (CV, official academic records, etc.).

Is Zurich expensive to live in?

Cost of living in Zurich Zurich was ranked as the world’s fourth-most expensive city in Mercer’s 2021 report, and the most expensive city in Europe.

Which is better ETH or EPFL?

EPFL currently ranks 16th in the world for its international faculty score, with ETH Zurich placing 19th. EPFL is the leader for the international diversity of its student community at 12th, while ETH ranks 59th for this measure.

Is Zurich German or French speaking?

Communication at ETH Zurich Swiss German is spoken in Zurich. At most ETH Zurich institutions, English is the language used in communication and academic life. English is also widely understood in Zurich but, in order to integrate both socially and linguistically, we recommend that you learn German.

Why study at Federal Institute of Technology Zürich?

Being a medium scale university, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich teaches more than 18 thousand students. The university accepts applications from foreign students. A quarter of students are foreign citizens. To ensure that the quality of education stays high the university has an academic staff consisting of more than 2400 specialists.

What is the acceptance rate for international students in Zurich?

The acceptance rate for international students is 27%. There are 19,000 students studying at ETH Zurich, with about 7,600 (40%) international students. Can I work while studying here?

What are the application windows for ETH Zurich master’s programmes?

ETH Zurich has two application windows for entry to master’s programmes in Autumn Semester 2021. Application window (November 15 – December 15): For international students who need a visa. Application window (March 1 – March 31):For students who do not require a visa.

What is the best university to study in Switzerland?

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich is the leading university of Switzerland according to the international ratings. The university has its well deserved place among the top 5% of the world’s best universities.