How do I become a Navy CCC?

Requirements And Qualifications Must have served at least six years in the Navy, and at least two years in their present rating. Must be able to pass a Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) upon reporting to their respective Navy Counselor schoolhouse, with a minimum score of Good Low in all categories.

How long is Army Career Counselor course?

Training for the 79S, Army Career Counselor is held at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. The course is 8 weeks and 2 days long and will cover these subjects: Recruitment basics.

How do you become a professional career counselor?

To become a career counselor, you need a Bachelor’s in any field and then for your Masters, you need to get a degree in Counselling with an emphasis in Career Counseling. If a student already has a master’s degree, he or she may be able to enroll in a graduate certificate program in career counseling.

What is a 79S in the army?

Career Counselor (MOS 79S) Description / Major Duties: Assists commanders at all levels with sustaining the Army’s readiness posture and achieving their retention mission. Advises commanders on all matters relating to the Army Retention Program, ensures mission accomplishment and processes reclassification actions.

What is CCC in the Navy?

The Command Career Counselor (CCC) serves as the critical link between a Sailor, their command, and supporting Navy organizations, including Navy Personnel Command (NPC). On behalf of the Commanding Officer, the CCC is responsible for managing the command’s Career Development Program.

Where is the Navy counselor school for the US Navy?

Pensacola, FL
C-School (Job School) Information NCs wishing to become Navy recruiters attend a specialized 5-week course in Pensacola, FL.

Do Army career counselors deploy?

Advising Soldiers on their options and providing guidance on career progression is the reason career counselors are there. Being deployed has only created more obstacles for the unit career counselors to overcome compared to supporting Soldiers back in the U.S.

Do 79S get bonuses?

For 79Rs already serving, a March 1 Milper message announced a new selective retention bonus: Between $10,800 and $32,800 for E-5s, or $12,100 and $36,800 for E-6s, depending on the length of the new contract.

Is Career Counseling a good career?

Career counsellors help students and professionals identify the right career skills and path. They are in huge demand more than ever. Their scope has also been ever-expanding, starting from just for school students to now being essential even for senior professionals to plan their career well.

What is being a career counselor like?

The ultimate goal of a career counselor is to help clients land jobs they find meaningful, satisfying and financially agreeable. To accomplish this, career counselors work closely with their clients, identifying their strengths, weaknesses and interests and researching career possibilities and job openings.

What rate is NC in the Navy?

NC. The Navy counselor rating is not open to the incoming recruit. This rating requires a thorough knowledge of the Navy organization, including personnel and administrative procedures and policies. Because the NC rating accepts only petty officers first and second class, it is not open to first-term enlistees.