How do I claim a State Life insurance policy?

All you have to do is to send a written intimation to the zonal office of State Life servicing the policy against which you are lodging a death claim. We will, after evaluating the case, contact you for other required documents for processing of death claim. Click Here to download Death Claim required documents.

Is State Life insurance Haram?

State Life Insurance Corporation Of Pakistan Fatwa For State Life Insurance Is Pure Is Halal. However Further Clarity Is Required As State Life Insurance Invest Its Amount In Real Estate Business N Insurer Is A Share Holder In Profit N Loss Basis.

How can I check my LIC balance online?

Step 1: You must visit the e-Service Portal of LIC. The screen will show you two options namely, New User and Registered User. Click on the relevant option. Step 2: You will need to enter the LIC of India login credentials namely, your User Name and Password.

How do you claim a death?

When a loved one passes away, the death must be reported by an executor, bank, trust company or funeral parlour in order to obtain an official death certificate. If the death is not reported by one of these entities, kindly report it to your nearest Home Affairs office where you can apply for a death certificate.

Is state life insurance a government company?

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is headed by a Chairman and assisted by the Executive Directors appointed by Federal Government. Up to July 2000 the Corporation was run by Board of Directors constituted under Life Insurance (Nationalization) Order 1972.

How does State Life insurance Work?

State Life distributes its profits among it policyholders every year in the form of bonuses. Bonuses are credited to the account of the policyholders and paid at the time of maturity. Bonus is declared as a certain amount per thousand of sum assured.

How is life insurance maturity value calculated?

How is Maturity Calculated? The exact Maturity Value cannot be calculated but one can calculate a close estimate of the value to get an idea of the benefit at the end of the term. The basic format is Sum Assured + Bonuses + Final Additional Bonus (if declared).

How does State Life Insurance Work?