How do I discover my learning style?

It would be impossible to discover your own learning style without engaging in metacognition….In brief:

  1. Visual (spacial) learners learn best by seeing.
  2. Auditory (aural) learners learn best by hearing.
  3. Reading/writing learners learn best by reading and writing.
  4. Kinesthetic (physical) learners learn best by moving and doing.

Why is it important to know your learning styles?

By examining your learning style, you’ll become aware of how your brain learns best. And if you know how you learn best, you can also communicate more effectively with your instructors. Characteristics of visual learners include: Prefers to read and write rather than listen.

Do you know your learning style?

As Srijongjai suggests, students and teachers should not think of learning styles as a box to be placed into. Learning styles are just one small piece in the overall puzzle of student learning. No matter what theory your dominant learning styles fall under, knowing your style can help make your learning easier and more successful.

What is learning styles online? provides free information and tools to help you understand and use learning styles effectively. Learning styles are a way to help improve your quality of learning. By understanding your own personal styles, you can adapt the learning process and techniques you use.

Does everyone have a mix of learning styles?

In a study about learning styles, Aranya Srijongjai noted that “According to the Memletics model, everyone has a mix of learning styles, and learning styles are not fixed (, 2003), so instructors should also accommodate other types of learning styles by providing diverse learning environments.

What is an example of a learning style?

Take, for example, two solitary learners. They both learn best in solitary situations, but one learns best by using logic while the other learns best by seeing. In a study about learning styles, Aranya Srijongjai noted that