How do I download videos from Kaltura player?

Find the video you’d like to make available for download, then click the edit icon (pencil).

  1. Click the Downloads tab, check the Source box, and click Save. Downloading a Kaltura video.
  2. Underneath the player, go to the Download tab.
  3. The video will download to your computer in the same format as the original upload.

How do I access Kaltura?

To access Kaltura via mobile app: Search for “Kaltura MediaSpace” and install the appropriate app. Once installed, launch KMSGo, and on first launch, enter the URL “”. This will take you to your simplified MediaSpace view.

Is Kaltura video free?

Kaltura is a free online site for group video making, where users are given the ability to create rich media together.

How do I access videos on Kaltura?

Navigate to… \AppData\Local\Kaltura\Capture\Recordings. If you’re not sure of your username you can double click your hard drive to open and browse it and then double click on the Users folder to see what user folders are available.

How do I download Kaltura videos on Chrome?

Open a Kaltura video, and Skyload will detect it. Click Skyload’s icon placed on the top right of the browser to call up its panel. Select one of the videos, click on the three dots on the right, and then download Flash videos from Kaltura on Chrome.

Can you use Kaltura on phone?

You can record, upload, and share media to email or Canvas using Kaltura MediaSpace Go (KMS GO) on an Android or iOS mobile device.

What is Kaltura cloud?

Kaltura Video Cloud Platform for Education is a single platform purposefully built to power real-time, live and VOD experiences for online programs and virtual learning.

Does kaltura cost money?

Kaltura’s free, open-source, self-hosted version of the platform, supported by the Kaltura Community. The Community Edition is developed through the combined efforts of Kaltura and the community. The platform and its source code are available for free at

What is similar to kaltura?

Competitors and Alternatives to Kaltura Video Platform

  • Vidyard.
  • Office 365 Video.
  • VBrick Rev Video Management Platform.
  • Panopto video content management system (VCMS)
  • Enterprise Video Platform.
  • Brightcove Video Marketing Suite.
  • Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Qumu Cloud.

Can I save Kaltura video to my computer?

Under My Media, select Edit for the video or audio recording you would like to download. In the Downloads tab, check the boxes next to the formats you wish to have available for download (depending on the original file’s format, not all will be available). Click Save then click Go To Media.