How do I find structures in ChemDraw?

It’s as Simple As 1, 2, 3

  1. Draw your Structure in ChemDraw and Click the SciFindern Button.
  2. Choose the Desired Search Option.
  3. Review Your Results in SciFindern

How do you search for a structure in ChemSketch?

The database can be searched by typing part of the trivial name, CAS number, or IUPAC name in the Quick Search window. By clicking OK, the structure is transferred to the ChemSketch window where it can be positioned.

How do you move a structure in ChemSketch?

Select a structure by clicking Select or Lasso to draw a box or circle around the structure. To select just a single atom, click once near it to highlight it. To move a bond, select it and drag to the new position. To make a copy of a structure, select it, then hold CTRL while dragging.

How do you rotate on ChemSketch?

Rotating Objects

  1. Do one of the following: From the Object menu, choose Rotate. Double-click the rotation handle.
  2. Type a number and click degrees CW for a clockwise rotation or degrees CCW for counterclockwise rotation.
  3. If you want to rotate the atom label text, click Rotate Atom Labels.
  4. Click Rotate.

How do I create a table of radicals in ChemSketch?

ChemSketch provides templates of several “complex” structures, allowing you to add these structures as a unit. We illustrate that here with a ring. Go to Templates menu, and choose Table of Radicals. (You can also reach this by pressing F6.

Which section of ChemSketch should I use to view structures?

If you are just playing around to see some structures, it may be simplest to stay within ChemSketch (Section E). On the other hand, if you are already familiar with RasMol, you might prefer to save the structure in a file format that RasMol can read (Section F) .

What is chemsketch/3d?

(Carbon atoms are shown in cyan, oxygen in red, nitrogen in blue, hydrogen in white; this uses the default color scheme of ChemSketch/3D.) This is an introduction to the program ChemSketch, from ACD Labs. You can use ChemSketch to draw chemical structures, and to view them as three dimensional (3D) models.

How do I remove a name that ChemSketch put on a structure?

I then used the “Generate name for structure” tool; ChemSketch wrote the IUPAC name, 2-chloropropane, just below the structure. If you want to remove a name that ChemSketch has put on the screen… If naming was the most recent action, then using Undo (on the Edit menu) will remove it.