How do I fix cs0006 errors?

  1. Align and check the build configuration, right click on the solution and select properties. Select configuration properties and check that all the projects are using the same configuration.
  2. Unload all the project from the solution and start loading each project starting from the base library.

How to fix metadata file could not be found?

Right click on the solution and click Properties. Click Configuration on the left. Make sure the check box under “Build” for the project it can’t find is checked. If it is already checked, uncheck, hit apply and check the boxes again.

What is a metadata file?

Metadata is information stored in almost any type of file. It can include your name, your company or organization’s name, the name of your computer, the name of the network server or drive where you saved the file, personalized comments and the names and times of previous document authors, revisions, or versions.

What is CSC file in C#?

The genuine csc.exe file is a software component of Microsoft . NET Framework by Microsoft Corporation. If “csc.exe” is not in “C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\ \csc.exe”, meaning it is Microsoft’s C# language command-line compiler for the . … The .exe extension on a filename indicates an executable file.

How do I remove metadata?


  1. Open the ‘Gallery’ app.
  2. Locate the image you wish to remove metadata from.
  3. Select it and click the ‘share’ button, which is a three-pointed figure.
  4. Underneath the photo, click ‘remove location data’
  5. You may also click the ‘more options’ selection and click ‘details’

What is CSC in Visual Studio?

What is CSC in Visual Studio? CSC is the compiler. It’s telling you that it can’t find files that are referenced in your csproj file.

Is csc.exe necessary?

Should I remove the legitimate csc.exe? Uninstalling the legitimate csc.exe is not advisable since the executable is needed in conjunction with a lot of default and 3rd party apps. However, if you decide to get rid of it, you’ll need to uninstall the whole Microsoft . Net Framework suite.

Where is metadata stored?

Metadata can be stored in a variety of places. Where the metadata relates to databases, the data is often stored in tables and fields within the database. Sometimes the metadata exists in a specialist document or database designed to store such data, called a data dictionary or metadata repository.