How do I get a passport in Charlotte NC?

Form DS-11 Application for a New Passport can be submitted at a local passport application acceptance facility. An agent at the facility will witness the signing of the application form. You can apply for other passport services such as a renewal, name change, and error corrections, etc. by mail.

How do I get a passport in Mecklenburg County?

Updated As of May 08, 2022 The passport agent in Mecklenburg County would be able give you the passport form and witness your signature to obtain a passport. Passport acceptance agents at the Mecklenburg Offices require an appointment so you will have to call the postal office for an appointment.

What is the fastest way to get a passport in NC?

When visiting the North Carolina passport offices, you can apply for standard passport service that can take between 4 to 6 weeks or you can apply for expedited passport services that takes between 3-4 weeks and can be as quick as one day.

How much is a passport in Charlotte NC?

I’m an adult (16 and older) and I’m applying for the first time

Product Form Application Fee
Passport Book DS-11 $130
Passport Card DS-11 $30
Passport Book & Card DS-11 $160

How long does it take to get a passport in Charlotte NC?

6-8 weeks
North Carolina Passport Offices for Standard Passport Services. Routine processing at the post office or county clerk is 6-8 weeks at any one of the 152 passport acceptance facilities throughout the state. For an additional $60, there is a 3-week expediting option available.

Does Charlotte have a passport agency?

Details: The CHARLOTTE PASSPORT OFFICE is located in CHARLOTTE, NC. You are able to submit your United States passport application at this location for processing. The usual waiting time to get your passport is 4 to 6 weeks when submitting from the CHARLOTTE PASSPORT OFFICE.

How can I make appointment for passport?

Click on the link and enter your Login id. Click on ‘Continue’. Select appointment quota (Tatkaal Quota or Normal Quota) and then the Passport Seva Kendra, Select Next and choose Pay and Book Appointment.

Where in NC can I get a passport?

North Carolina Passport Acceptance Facility List

Facility Address State

How do I get a passport same day in NC?

Unfortunately, if you need your passport sooner, there are no North Carolina passport offices that process same-day passports. You will need to make an appointment and travel to a regional passport office in a different state. The Washington Passport Agency in Washington, DC is the closest.

Is there an available slot for passport appointment?

FOR SECURING A PASSPORT ONLINE APPOINTMENT This appointment and scheduling system allocates slots on a first come, first served basis. Limited slots are available per site and there is no guarantee that a slot will always be available for a user’s first choice for an appointment schedule.

How do I apply for a US passport?

Download the passport application form (DS-11) and instructions ( PDF, Download Adobe Reader) and complete the application by hand, or go to a local passport acceptance facility to get a copy to fill out.

How do I make an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency?

To make an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency, call 1-877-487-2778 ; TDD/TTY: 1-888-874-7793 Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 10 PM ET. The appointment line is closed on weekends and federal holidays.

Where can I get an expedited US passport?

It’s easy, painless and fast. Passports and helps travelers in the Charlotte, NC area with getting an expedited US passports. Passports and is a private company authorized by the US Passport Agency to expedite the application process of getting US passports in as fast as 24 hours.

How long does it take to process a passport application?

This Location Offers: Application review for a New Passport, Minor Passport, or Replacement Passports Blank Passport Application Forms Drop-off for standard (6-8 week) processing by mail You must appear in person for these services All contact details are above Looking for help with your passport application?