How do I get PureGym for free?

FREE BEGINNER WORKOUTS & PLAN Download the PureGym app and choose ‘Guest Log In’ for instant access. Make sure you switch on notifications to receive your inbox message with a free day pass code, and the weekly plans.

Does PureGym do a free trial?

We don’t offer free trials, but you can take a look around any time between 9am and 5pm. Just ring the bell and a member of our team will be more than happy to give you a tour. You can even buy a one, three or seven day pass here to try out the gym before you become a member.

Can I use my friends code at PureGym?

No, your PIN is just for you and it is against the rules to share it with anybody else. All entrances are monitored by CCTV, any unusual activity will be flagged and your membership will be cancelled.

Does Pure Gym have an app?

Using the PureGym App is the best way to get the most from your gym membership. Our great features ensure you’re able to manage your membership in the palm of your hand. Gain quick, contactless access to the gym by using the entry scanner on the app.

Can I cancel PureGym after 1 month?

Rolling monthly memberships can be cancelled at any time, and multiple gym access is available to purchase. Fixed term student memberships can be terminated early by contacting PureGym Member Services, and you will be refunded 50% of the remaining membership period.

Can you use more than one Pure Gym?

Can I access more than one club? Yes. For a small supplement to your standard membership you’ll be able to gain access to any gym of the same price or lower than your home gym. If you’d like to add this option just select the box for multiple gym access in the joining process and select the other gym you’d like to use.

Can my wife use my gym membership?

Well, most of the time the answer is no. Most gyms don’t allow gym memberships to be shared. However, many gyms offer free guest passes or day passes for a fee. However, some gyms are more strict than others in terms of what you can get away with.

Are there parking restrictions at PureGym Coventry?

*Parking restrictions may apply. Please check in the car park before you enter the gym. PureGym is not responsible for any parking fines. Get any bus from the city centre to the stop outside Ikea. We’re a ten-minute walk from Coventry station.

Are Coventry gyms open 24 hours a day?

Finding the time to workout will never be a problem at our Coventry gyms as they are all open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you the freedom to workout round the clock. Our Coventry gyms are located in and out of the city centre to provide you with the option to work out near home or work.

How do I buy a PureGym day pass?

You can then use your PIN at the entrance pods and access the gym straight away. Please note: if you’re visiting from overseas and use an international phone number, you’ll receive an email only. You can also buy a day pass at a PureGym kiosk.

How long does a day pass last for the gym?

If you buy a day pass at 2pm, you have until midnight on the same day to use the gym. Please note that day passes do not last 24 hours. There’s an option to delay your day pass start date for up to one month. Can I buy a day pass again?