How do I get rid of Boingo?

You can cancel your Boingo subscription by logging in through “My Account“. Subscriptions include: Boingo Mobile, Boingo Unlimited, Boingo Global, Boingo Europe Plus, Boingo UK & Ireland, and Boingo Asia Pacific. Once you have logged in to “My Account“, on the left panel you will see the “Cancel Subscription” link.

How do I cancel Boingo Wi-Fi?

Uninstalling Boingo Wi-Finder is easy. 1. Verify that Boingo Wi-Finder is not running on your system. If the Boingo Wi-Fi icon is showing in the System Tray (the part of the task bar near your computer’s clock), right-click this and choose “Exit Boingo.”

Is Boingo good internet?

Using Boingo Wireless is a great way to have reliable internet connectivity wherever you’re traveling. With hotspots all over the world, you are sure to find a signal close by. You can also be confident that the signal will be strong.

Does Boingo do refunds?

Boingo Wireless doesn’t offer any refund for canceled accounts.

How do I remove a credit card from Boingo?


  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. Navigate to “My Billing”
  3. Update your card information.
  4. Save your changes.

Is Boingo hotspot safe?

Information. Boingo offers a secure signup and authentication process. To ensure your connection is secure once you’re online, you should make sure that the sites you visit are SSL-secured sites (https://…). Additionally, VPN services will encrypt all the data you send and receive.

Why is my Boingo account suspended?

The Boingo Global subscription is limited to 2,000 minutes of use of the Services during any billing cycle month. If you use more than 2,000 minutes of Services in any billing cycle month, then we may suspend your account until the next billing cycle month, or terminate your Boingo Global account at our discretion.

Who owns Boingo?

Its public and private networks include distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cells, macro towers and more than one million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world….Boingo Wireless.

Type Private
Founded Los Angeles, CA (2001)
Founder Sky Dayton
Headquarters 10960 Wilshire Blvd. 23rd Floor Los Angeles, CA
Key people Mike Finley (CEO)