How do I go down the well in Dark Souls 2?

The ladder you want to go down is the one hidden just behind the poison statue, but be very careful after sliding down as there’s a couple of ladders here that don’t go all the way down to the bottom (spelling certain death if you try and slide down them). Smash the nearby pots for the spell [Dark Fog] and a [Torch] .

How do you get down the hole in Dark Souls 2?

Opening the Locked Door in the Pit After jumping down, you will find a locked door. Proceed to the right to another platform, drop down and kill the two giants found down there. They will drop the forgotten key needed to open the Forgotten Door in the Pit.

How do you get the RHOY Explorer to spawn?

Players should start to the Grave Entrance bonfire. From there, it is recommended to stay at the top level until all 5 rats have dropped and been killed, especially after NG. Once done, players should jump down the ladder, and immediately climb it. This will trigger Rhoy’s invasion.

How much HP do you need for a Majula well?

EDIT: Turns out you need about 1370 health to survive all falls. Take off armor and roll off edges to reduce damage.

Can you still cheese the Dragonrider?

This will cause him use his thrust attack follow by turning to face you while on the edge, moving him slightly and he’ll simply slide off into the pit. Cheese 2: You can also kill the Dragonrider without ever stepping into the ring (or at least damage him).

How good is Dragonrider Twinblade?

There isn’t anything wrong with the twinblades in general, it is just that the dragonrider’s twinblade isn’t especially good and needs petrified dragon bones to level up and they are particularly limited in a single run without burning aestics or doing obscene amounts of small white soap-stone co-ops.

Why is RHOY the Explorer not spawning?

Location. Rhoy will invade offline players in the Grave of Saints, when the player approaches the ladder leading to the top levels of the area. It is important to note that Rhoy will not spawn unless the player is offline and not part of the Rat King covenant.