How do I start studying astrology?

Specific tips for learning astrology:

  1. Get a copy of your birth chart from
  2. Learn the symbols for the signs of the zodiac, planets, aspects, etc.
  3. Make use of free resources online.
  4. Get some astrology books.
  5. Subscribe to The Mountain Astrologer magazine.
  6. Get an ephemeris and learn to read it.

Is it easy to learn astrology?

Finally, real horoscopes of VIPs of India from various fields have been analysed on how predictions had been made with precision and accuracy. Astrology – Easy to Learn is excellent and unparalleled in its form and presentation, chapter-wise.

What are the basics of astrology?

To understand your birth chart, it’s important to grasp the meaning of five basic factors: planets, signs, houses, cycles, and aspects. We’ll examine each of these topics, as well as transits and progressions, two methods astrologers use to determine the timing of events and experiences.

How long is astrology course?

The duration of the course is anytime between 6 months to 1 year. The basic eligibility for Diploma in Astrology is passed in 10th or 12th examinations in any stream with a minimum of 45% aggregate from a recognized board. Admissions to Diploma in Astrology are provided on the basis of merit only.

How can I be a good astrologer?

Who can be a good astrologer?

  1. The astrologer should know how to co-relate the present horoscope with your past life.
  2. The astrologer should know how to verify your accurate birth time before doing any analysis or giving predictions.
  3. The astrologer should have some essential qualifications with a mathematics background.

How long does it take to learn astrology?

It may take maybe months or up to a year, but not as easy as six months or a few weeks. It’s like an ocean. Don’t judge by seeing the waves of it. A great astrologer is a lifetime learner, the more you see from the number of charts, the more you get a grip on it.