How do I use Firefox tab reloader?

Method 2 -Â Tab bar right-click menu (Firefox only) Right-click on a tab to view the Tab Reloader (page auto refresh) menu. This allows you set the auto refresh interval quickly. You can set the tab to reload every 10 or 30 seconds, 1 or 5 or 15 minutes or every hour.

How do I force a web page to refresh on load?

Ctrl + F5 is the shortcut to trigger a refresh, which will force the page to reload. To make the browser refresh without relying on the cache, use Shift + Ctrl + F5. This triggers a “hard refresh”, so the browser pulls up the newest version of a web page.

What is automatic tab discarding?

Google Chrome’s automatic tab discarding feature will suspend random background tabs to reduce memory usage when the system memory is low. You can bring back the discarded tabs by clicking on them, at which point they reload for your use.

How can I get my Firefox back to normal?

Push the Numlock key to see if it can fix your problem. If you can not find it, see if there is a Function key (F1-F2,etc) with a small image which looks like ‘Tic Tac Toe’ on one of them. Once you found it, hold FN and push the F (num) key to enable/disable numpad. Using the Number Pad on a Laptop keyboard

How to change a home page in Firefox?

Business launch event the Firefox browser on your computer.

  • Go to specific website you want to set as your home page.
  • On the left side of the website URL,you will see a lock icon.
  • Drag and drop it to the home icon.
  • You will now see a warning window on your screen,asking you to permitir Firefox to set this website as your home page.
  • How to restart Firefox in safe mode or refresh Firefox?

    – Hold down ⇧ Shift. – Click or double-click the Firefox app icon. – Release ⇧ Shift when Firefox opens. – Click Start in Safe Mode when prompted. – Troubleshoot Firefox as needed.

    How does one change the start page in Firefox?

    Change your home page. Just below the “When Firefox starts:” menu, look for the words “Home page:” followed by a blank space. There are several ways to set your home page here: Type the URL of your desired home page into the blank space. If you want multiple pages to open when you start Firefox, separate multiple URLs with the pipe symbol: |.