How do I view WordPress web analytics?

First, you can get a quick overview of your analytics in the WordPress Dashboard. Here you can see the number of sessions, pageviews, bounce rate, top posts and pages, and more. If you want more detailed reports of your WordPress stats, you can go to Insights » Reports from the WordPress dashboard.

Can you see website analytics on WordPress?

WordPress doesn’t come with built-in analytics, so you’ll need to install Google Analytics on your WordPress site. But that can be tricky, especially for beginners. An easier way of connecting Google Analytics with WordPress is through a plugin like MonsterInsights.

How do I add Web analytics to WordPress?

Log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance » Theme Editor. Now click the Theme Header (header. php) file on the right-hand side below the Theme Files section. Paste the tracking code you just copied from your Analytics profile before the closing tag.

What is the best analytics plugin for WordPress?

Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins

  1. MonsterInsights. MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.
  2. ExactMetrics.
  3. Analytify.
  4. Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin.
  5. Google Analytics by 10Web.
  6. GA Google Analytics.
  7. WP Statistics.
  8. WP Google Analytics Events.

How do I view analytics?

There are two ways to access Analytics: through a standalone account at, or through your linked Google Ads account. You can sign in to your Analytics account from

What is a analytics plugin WordPress?

Installing an analytics plugin for your WordPress site allows you to get all your site’s data, metrics, and insights without leaving your dashboard. The majority of users choose Google Analytics, which, while powerful, can be daunting due to the sheer amount of data available.

How do I get website Analytics?

Get started with Analytics

  1. Create an Analytics account. Go to To create an account, click Get started today. If you already have a Google Analytics account, click Sign in to Analytics.
  2. Set up Analytics on your website and/or app.

What is ga view?

Google Analytics views allow you to access, customize, and analyze your data by setting up filters. When you create a Google Analytics property, you’ll automatically start out with an unfiltered view. However, as we mentioned above, you can have up to 25 views for each of your Universal Analytics properties.

What is the best free Analytics plugin for WordPress website?

MonsterInsights. More than two million WordPress websites are using the MonsterInsights plugin.

  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics is one of the most popular analytics solutions out there.
  • Analytify.
  • WP Google Analytics Events.
  • Actionable Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce.
  • Do you need a Google Analytics plugin for WordPress?

    You’ll also need to learn how to read all that info, which can be tough at first. The good news is that if your website is on, you can use a plugin to install Google Analytics analytics. The plugin will insert the tracking code snippets to your site for you.

    How to add Google Analytics to WordPress website with plugin?

    Sign up for Google Tag Manager (Accept the service agreement) Select Web as your target platform and Click Create.

  • Copy the code to install Google Tag Manager on your website
  • The first code needs to be pasted after the tag and before the tag.
  • Open the Google Tag Manager and hover to the main screen
  • Click on Add a new tag.
  • How to install Google Analytics in WordPress for beginners?

    Setting Up MonsterInsights With Google Analytics. We recommend using Google Analytics with MonsterInsights.

  • Tracking eCommerce Goals in Google Analytics. Do you want to find out how many visitors are converting into paying customers?
  • Tracking Form Submission Goals in Google Analytics.
  • Setting Up Goals Manually in Google Analytics.
  • Final Thoughts.