How do you beat nl5 zoom?

The best strategy to beat 5NL is to play a solid tight and aggressive game with a heavy focus on positional awareness. Other keys to beat 5NL include learning how to 3bet light versus the weak regulars and 4bet the aggressive regulars more often.

How do you crush Zoom poker?

The basic premise is simple: Fold your hand and immediately get a new one at a new table with new players. If you hit the fast-fold button you can even fold before the action is on you and get reseated even quicker! It’s essentially poker for adrenaline junkies as the action never stops.

How do you crush Microstakes?

Crushing the Microstakes is a comprehensive guide on how to dominate your competition at the micros. Written by DragTheBar coach Nathan Williams aka “BlackRain79,” the biggest winner ever at the smallest stakes with over 6 million hands of experience, this book has only one goal in mind, increasing your winrate.

Can you make money on Zoom poker?

Rakeback and bonuses may also play a role in this on some poker sites with fast fold games like Zoom. Because poker sites very often reward higher volume players with more rakeback and bonuses. So the bottom line is that Zoom poker can be just as profitable as the regular poker tables.

Why are micro stakes so hard?

This is because most players at the micro stakes love to call and they also play very passively as well. So this means that when you check to get “tricky” with your big hand, they will often just check behind. This is a disaster when you have a big hand. And that is because big hands come around so rarely in poker.

Is micro stakes poker beatable?

Micros are definitely beatable. I’ve played over 100k hands at 2nl on Stars and won at over 10bb/100 around 5 years ago. It’s much tougher now but even in the last few months I’ve played over 100k hands at 10nl (again on Stars) and won at 4bb/100. I wasn’t even playing that well.

What is poker zoom?

Zoom Poker (also known as Fast Fold Poker) is an online poker cash game variant where players are immediately dealt another hand at a new table after folding. Also known as Zone (on Ignition/Bovada) and SNAP (888Poker).

Can you get rich playing online poker?

There are many ways to make money on the web, and online poker is definitely a legitimate one to do it. In fact, there are thousands of professionals who play online poker on a daily basis and earn good money from it.