How do you become a VIP on MovieStarPlanet?

Tap on their name to go to their Profile. Then all you need to do is to tap “Give Gift”: On the app, you will find your VIP voucher under “VIP Gifts”, top right: Tap “Select” to confirm your choice.

How do you get VIP on MovieStarPlanet without paying?

It is simple: you only become VIP for free by winning the weekly Competition in Movie Town. You DO NOT become VIP by changing your password or your email address. You DO NOT become VIP by sharing your account with another movie star who claims to be able to make you VIP.

How do you cancel your VIP on MovieStarPlanet?

Your membership will automatically be renewed until it is canceled. You can at any time cancel the recurring payment of your VIP membership by logging into MovieStarPlanet with the respective user, click on settings in the top right corner, select “My Payments” and then “Turn off Recurring Payment”.

Can you gift VIP items on MSP?

VIP items cannot be gifted to non-VIP players.

How do you get a gift certificate on MovieStarPlanet?

To purchase a MovieStarPlanet Gift Certificate click here….MovieStarPlanet has four Gift Certificate options to suit every occasion:

  1. 1 Week STAR VIP Membership.
  2. 1 Month STAR VIP Membership.
  3. 3 Month STAR VIP Membership.
  4. 1 Year STAR VIP Membership.

How often do Diamond packs change MSP?

VIP Packs (also known as Starcoins Packs or Diamond Packs) are packs on MovieStarPlanet that can be bought with real money. Packs include Starcoins, Diamonds and up to five items. One of the five items is a pet, and it comes only if you buy the Diamond Pack. The VIP Packs change around once a month.

Can you give pets away on Moviestarplanet?

A non-VIP player may gift VIP items in their possession to VIP players, but a non-VIP player will never be able to receive a VIP item. Pets cannot be gifted on MSP but can be on MSP2.

How do you open gifts on MSP?

Just click on the “My Gifts” tab in your Profile: Here you will find and open all gifts that other movie stars have given you.