How do you complete the first aid merit badge?

Requirements for the First Aid merit badge:

  1. Prepare a first-aid kit for your home. Display and discuss its contents with your counselor.
  2. With an adult leader. Inspect your troop’s first-aid kit. Evaluate it for completeness. Report your findings to your counselor and Scout leader.

Is first aid an Eagle merit badge?

Overview: The First Aid merit badge teaches scouts the skills necessary to provide assistance, should they witness a medical emergency. First aid is typically one of the first Eagle-required badges most scouts earn, and for good reason.

How do you make a Boy Scout first aid kit?

Here are the basics for your pack:

  1. Six adhesive bandages.
  2. Two 3-by-3-inch sterile gauze pads.
  3. One small roll of adhesive tape.
  4. One 3-by-6-inch piece of moleskin.
  5. One small bar of soap or travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer.
  6. One small tube of antibiotic ointment.
  7. One pair of scissors.
  8. One pair of non-latex disposable gloves.

What is first aid in scout guide?

What is First Aid? The immediate help given to an injured person, until expert medical attention is received.

What are the golden rules of first aid?

GOLDEN RULES OF FIRST AID and methodically without panicking, giving priority to the most urgent situation / condition. Remove the victim from the cause of injury or the cause of injury from the victim. Resuscitate the victim, if necessary and carry out general treatment of unconsciousness.

What is in the first aid box?

Your basic first aid kit small, medium and large sterile gauze dressings. at least 2 sterile eye dressings. triangular bandages. crêpe rolled bandages.

What is the Invention Merit Badge for a BSA?

Talk to potential users of your invention and determine their needs.

  • Create a model of the invention using clay,cardboard,or any other readily available material. List the materials necessary to build a prototype of the invention.
  • Share the idea and the model with your counselor and potential users of your invention.
  • How to start a merit badge?

    Start multiple merit badges at once so that you always have something productive to work on.

  • Circle or write down your “next steps” so that you’re never at a loss for what to do if you have some free time.
  • Talk with your merit badge counselor when starting out to decide on the best timeline for earning your badge.
  • What are the answers to the First Aid merit badge?

    Try to eliminate the causes of shock by restoring breathing and circulation,controlling bleeding,relieving severe pain,and treating wounds.

  • Summon emergency aid.
  • Monitor the victim closely to make sure the airway stays open for breathing.
  • If the victim is not already doing so,help the injured person lie down.
  • How to get First Aid merit badge?

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  • Look through the recommendations to discover which details you will need to provide.
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