How do you get a personal union in eu3?

Simply set up a Royal Marriage, and use the Claim Throne diplomatic option to trigger the effect. Once done, either hope that their monarch dies before producing an heir and go into a PU, or declare war use the Claim Throne CB produced the 1st of the next month and apply Personal Union as the war demand.

What determines personal unions eu4?

A personal union is a form of diplomatic relationship where one monarch rules over two nations. It can be formed by having a royal marriage with a country whose monarch dies without an heir (usually of the same dynasty).

Can you transfer personal unions eu4?

No, Sweden is not Vassal, they are under Personal Union and you can not “transfer” countries under PU.

How do you get personal unions in eu4 Reddit?

Personal Unions: How to Achieve?

  1. Get a royal marriage.
  2. Wait for your dynasties to align. 3a. Get lucky and have the other ruler die and give you an unexpected Personal Union. 3b.
  3. Claim throne.
  4. Wait for the other one’s ruler to die.
  5. Succession war (possibly).
  6. Personal Union!

What does request relative as heir do EU4?

Request Relative as Heir – Spend 90 favors to give an heirless country an heir of your dynasty. Both the acting and target countries must be monarchies. However, it generates 20 aggressive expansion with every country of the same religion.

How do succession wars work EU4?

from EU4 wiki: The result of claiming the throne depends on whether or not the current ruler dies before producing an heir, and on your prestige. If you or the target country with no heir has rivals with higher prestige, they can start succession war.

Why do personal unions end on monarch death?

What causes a PU to end? My understanding (reinforced by the wiki) was that if your junior partner had a negative opinion of you, then upon the death of your monarch, the PU would be dissolved and you’d get a restoration CB on the former junior partner.

How long does claim throne CB last?

Keep in mind that when the target nation manages to produce an heir of a strong claim, you have one month before the Claim Throne CB expire. As a junior partner of this union, the target nation will be treated as a vassal nation, but with severely limited diplomatic options.

Was Austria Hungary a personal union?

The lands of the House of Habsburg were reorganized as a real union between the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary, headed by a single monarch who reigned as Emperor of Austria in the Austrian half of the empire, and as King of Hungary in Kingdom of Hungary.