How do you get better at shooting in basketball?

7 Tips To Improve Your Shooting Mechanics

  1. Keep Your Eyes On the Target. Many players will focus on the flight of the ball.
  2. Pay Attention To Your Balance and Your Stance.
  3. Analyze Your Grip.
  4. Give Smooth Delivery.
  5. Pay Attention To Your Upforce.
  6. Improve Your Follow Through.
  7. Always Correct Your Shot.

What are the 4 keys to shooting in basketball?

Shot Ready First, a great shooter must have their knees bent for power and balance. Then a great shooter has their wrist cocked in preparation to receive the basketball. Eyes should be on the target once the ball is received. Lastly, a great shooter has their elbow in close to the body while he is preparing to shoot.

What are the most important cues to shooting a basketball?

So we use the cue “start small, end tall.” Originally, we would use cues like “bend the knees”, “push the hips back”, “sit back”, or “hip hinge.” We like “start small, end tall” better because it not only reminds the shooter to explode into their shot by pushing their hips back, but it also reminds them to end in an …

How do you shoot farther in basketball?

Close range shots and three-point shots require you to slightly bend your knees so you can add some power to your shot. To shoot a far shot, you need to bend them even more so you can lower your body down and allow your legs to put more force into the shot. Keep your back flat and straight when you bend your knees.

How do you become a better 3 point shooter?

It might sound strange, but to become a better 3-point shooter, you have to practice a lot, close to the basket. Take 100’s and 1000’s of shots 12′ from the basket. The purpose for this is to really ingrain your shooting form from an area that you can shoot comfortably and have some success.

How do you shoot like Klay Thompson?

Off the catch, Klay brings the ball down to his waist or slightly above his waist. The downward motion allows him to bring his chest forward and flex his hips. The upward motion that follows initiates the upward momentum for the shot. So the dip is more of a quick bounce, and Klay is a perfect example of that.