How do you get the Fugitoid in TMNT Smash Up?

Characters. The following characters can be unlocked by performing the actions below: Foot Ninja – Beat Arcade Mode. Fugitoid – Beat All 51 Challenges.

How do you unlock all the characters in TMNT Smash Up?

How to unlock all TMNT Smash-Up characters, costumes, stages (Wii & PS2 guide)

  1. Foot Ninja – Choose To Unlock After Beating Arcade Mode.
  2. Fugitoid – Beat All 51 Challenges.
  3. Karai – Choose To Unlock After Beating Arcade Mode.
  4. Nightwatcher – Choose To Unlock After Beating Arcade Mode.
  5. Raving Rabbid – Finish 120 Vs.

What is the rarest TMNT figure?

Collectors and fans regard the Scratch the Cat action as the rarest toy in the TMNT line. Like Hot Spot, Scratch the Cat doesn’t appear in the TMNT television series or film franchise.

What Ninja Turtle figurines are worth money?

The 25 Rarest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys (And What They’re Worth)

  • 19 Vintage Master Splinter – $506.
  • 20 Genghis Frog (Tan Belt Variant) – $500.
  • 21 Michelangelo Cookie Jar – $449.
  • 22 Channel 6 News Van – $420.69.
  • 23 Turtle Blimp – $379.
  • 24 Toon Turtles Burne – $206.
  • 25 Leo’s Jolly Turtle TubBoat – $203.

Are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures worth anything?

Due to its relative rarity, it’s since become the most prized figure in the history of Ninja Turtle toys. Even out of the pack, this figure sells for a couple hundred bucks, but a mint condition Scratch on original card goes for upwards of $1200….Raphael.

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How much is a first edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles worth?

1st prints of TMNT #1 are considered rare. At least, by 1980s standards, with a little under 600 unrestored examples graded in the CGC census. Very high grade copies may not be rare, exactly, but are extremely expensive. A 9.8 will set you back over $15,000, making it the most valuable comic book of the 1980s by far.

How much are the original TMNT action figures worth?

How much are the original Ninja Turtle action figures worth?