How do you play the game 1010?

In 1010, you must fill a blank grid with different-shaped blocks, presented three at a time. The colors are irrelevant, but blocks must fit together so you complete a row or a column. Every time you complete a line, the line disappears and you get more space to work in.

What kind of game is 1010?

puzzle game
1010! is a wildly addicting brain teaser – a simple puzzle game that will challenge you, while also training your brain. Put your puzzle skills to the test with this exciting title – we dare you to try and put it down.

What is the highest 1010 score ever?

1010 Game – The highest score of the week: 164256. πŸ™‚ Can you have a higher score? Play now!

How do you play 1010 color?

1010! Color is a minimalist brain teaser – a match-3 block puzzle game that will challenge you, while also training the brain. Simply drag & drop pieces on the board, aiming to combine sets of 3 or more of the same color. Merge three to clear the puzzle blocks, leaving space for new pieces.

How do you win block puzzle?

Block Puzzle Strategy and Tips to Attain High Scores

  1. Start from the corners.
  2. Try clearing multiple rows and columns.
  3. Clearing vertical or horizontal lines is a high priority.
  4. Plan your moves beforehand.
  5. Allocate space for the 3Γ—3 square piece always.
  6. Focus on strategy instead of dumping.

What is the goal of 1010?

Your objective is to drop blocks β€œin order to create and destroy full lines on the screen both vertically and horizontally,” and to avoid having blocks completely fill your screen or play area. Gram Games also says 1010! is quite simple, but to be honest, it can be a huge challenge for newbie gamers.

How do you win 1010?

1010! Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

  1. Create Rows And Columns Alike.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid To Have Multiple Pieces On Your Board.
  3. Save At Least One Empty Spot For The 3 X 3 Square.
  4. Also Save Space For The 5 X 5 Square.
  5. Practice Makes Perfect.

How is 1010 scored?

The game stops when no more pieces can be placed. Points are attributed when putting a piece (the number of cells of the piece) and when rows or columns are removed (if r rows or columns are removed, add 5 r (r+1) to score).

How do you win a Cube block?

Tips to get higher score

  1. Start the game by placing blocks in the middle.
  2. Always save space for large blocks.
  3. Clean off block lines when you can.
  4. If you can’t clear a line, get it as close to completed as possible.
  5. Keep the board neat. Try to clear at least one line of blocks every turn.

What’s the point of block puzzle?

The objective of the game is to form lines vertically and/or horizontally on the board using the wooden block pieces while avoiding obstacles. Each time you form a line, the existing blocks within that column or row disappear.

What is the highest score on block puzzle?

814,240 points WORLD RECORD Challenge It!