How do you reset the Immobiliser on a Land Rover Defender?

Simply take old battery out, replace, close immobilser and activate lock and unlock a few times. Do this within 5 minutes. Just done mine without any hassles.

How do I reset my Land Rover security system?

To reset the alarm on the 2000 Land Rover Discovery, turn Your car off and make sure the front drivers side door is easily accessible. Then unlock the car and put the key into the ignition. Leave it there for at least a minute and then, set it to the RUN position. Restart the car to see if Your alarm has been reset.

How do I enter EKA code on Defender?

To enter the EKA code, turn the key to II and back to 0 the same amount of times as the first number, e.g., if your EKA code is 4321, turn the key 4 times. 6. Now open and close the door to confirm the entry.

How do I access my defender battery?

The battery on the Land Rover Defender is located under the driver’s seat. Your car battery provides the zap of electricity needed to put electrical components to work.

How do I reset my discovery 2 Immobiliser?

Immediately open the door, insert the key in the ignition switch and turn the switch to position II. If the ignition switch is not turned to position II within 30 seconds of the end of the 5 minute wait, the engine is automatically immobilised again.

How do you reset a Range Rover computer?

The device has an embedded battery that can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

  1. To reset the device, simultaneously press the Power on and Volume up button for 10 – 12 seconds.
  2. The device will power down and then automatically reboot.
  3. Device will now power on, perform and charge as expected.

How do I reset my Range Rover Sport Key?

Rotate the key back to the center and remove it from the lock. Do not release the “Lock” button. Stop holding the “Lock” button on the fob once the key is completely clear of the door. The fob and the Range Rover will synchronize.

Where do I find my EKA code?

The EKA code is found on the security information card supplied with your vehicle. The code is 4 digits long. The EKA code IS NOT the code in the key fob. The grey plastic tag on the keys IS NOT the EKA code, it is the ignition key code.

Is the Defender 90 a good car?

Otherwise, the new 2021 Defender 90 is an absolute delight. From its design and modern technologies to its thoroughly capable and enjoyable driving dynamics both on and off the pavement, the new Defender is everything the old one was, but more importantly, everything the old one wasn’t.