How do you serve Federer?

Federer uses the platform stance in his serve action. This is where a player stands with their feet at around shoulder width apart when beginning their service motion, and also, maintaining this gap during the knee bend (or loading) phase.

Who has the hardest tennis serve?

player Samuel Groth
The fastest tennis serve on record is held by Australian tennis player Samuel Groth, when he hit a serve reaching 263 kph/163.4 mph (Source: Guinness World Records). As you can see in the video, a 150 mph serve can be quite difficult to return.

What is Federer’s fastest serve?

230 km/h
Roger Federer

Player Roger Federer
Fastest serve speed 230 km/h (143 mph)
Height 6’1″ (185 cm)
Highest rank 1
Age when serve hit 29

Why tennis serve is so difficult?

The Continental grip is a 90-degree change of the racquet-head orientation to the previous forehand grip. This changes everything! Now the strings point 90 degrees away from the target, and you can’t just twist your forearm to make the strings face the target. Even if you do, it feels very awkward and strains your arm.

Why is Federer’s serve so effective?

Therefore, although the Federer serve is pretty quick, it’s not quick enough for that to be the sole reason his serve is so effective. Just to be clear, we’re talking about a serve, here, that isn’t just great, it’s one of the best of all time and feared by every player on the professional circuit!

Does Federer’s serve have topspin on it?

Most people don’t realise that Federer’s flat (or spinless) serves also have a little bit of topspin on them, in order for the ball to dip inside the service box more consistently. The Pete Sampras serve was the same – players were always complaining about how “heavy” his serves felt, even on the flat ones where you wouldn’t expect this sensation.

What is Roger Federer’s average first serve speed?

Discover your perfect racket and string combo! Federer’s flat first serve averages between 120-125mph, whilst his second serve, which often utilizes heavy kick, will fall in the 85-95 mph range.