How do you trade with villagers on mobile?

The game control to trade with a villager depends on the version of Minecraft: For Java Edition (PC/Mac), right click on the villager. For Pocket Edition (PE), you move your pointer over the villager and press the Trade button.

What is the best thing a villager can trade?

Minecraft: Best Villagers To Trade With

  • 6 Mason – No Emeralds But Great Blocks.
  • 7 Fletcher – Trade Ranged Weapons And More.
  • 8 Toolsmith – Tools Vs.
  • 9 Cartographer – Pair Sugar Cane With Paper.
  • 10 Shepherd – Trade Wool For Emeralds.
  • 11 Fisherman – Gives Emeralds In Trade.
  • 12 Wandering Trader – Emeralds Required For Trade.

What is the fastest way to cycle villager trades?

Upon placing the workstation again the villager will receive a NEW set of trades (even with the same profession). This allows players to easily cycle through trades until they find one that is more desirable.

Can villagers give you diamonds?

Villagers and Wandering Traders can trade many items, such as Raw Chicken, Cookies, Wheat, Bottles o’ Enchanting, Chain Armor, Diamonds, and Bread.

What villager sells diamond armor?

The armorer villager is who players need to go to if they would like to get diamond armor. This villager has five different levels: Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Master. Players will be able to trade for diamond gear only when they reach “Expert” level.

How do you use a villager trade exchanger?

It is used to automate trading with villagers trapped in a Mob Imprisonment Tool. Trapped villagers can be inserted into the lower right inventory slot. Available trades will be shown in the top inventory slots and can be cycled through using the arrow buttons.

Can a villager sell you diamonds?

Villagers and Wandering Traders can trade many items, such as Raw Chicken, Cookies, Wheat, Bottles o’ Enchanting, Chain Armor, Diamonds, and Bread. They can trade much more too.

How do you get infinite emeralds with villagers?

  1. Find a Librarian Villager – or convert a Villager into a Librarian by placing a Lectern Job Site Block.
  2. Buy x1 Bookcase for x1 Emerald.
  3. Break the bookcase to gain x3 Books. Sell the books for x1 Emerald each, for a total of x3 Emeralds.
  4. That’s a x2 Emerald profit for each trade.

How do you get villagers to trade modded items?

In order to have them trade anything else, you would need to replace id entries with their IDs, like diamond_sword or carrot. Not so easy with the modded items tho. When you use standard /give, you would use command like /give heroicarmory:terrariabonesword.

How do I get custom villager trades on Android?

On the Bedrock or Pocket Edition on Android, custom villager trades are possible through third-party apps that work like Minecraft mods. We would not recommend using any of those, though. That is because the apps typically come from unverified sources or are no longer in the Google Play Store.

How much experience do you get from villager trading?

All villager trades reward the player with 3–6 experience, or 8–11 experience if the villager is willing to breed. Trading with a wandering trader also rewards the player some experience, although the trader does not have experience levels to gain.

Can villagers buy books or tools?

However, written books can no longer be sold to villagers, and no villagers currently buy any tools that have durability.

How often do villagers resupply their trades?

Villager trading prices now depend on the player’s popularity in the village. Villagers now resupply their trades up to two times a day, if they get to work at a job site block. Issues relating to “Trading”, “Trades”, or “Trade” are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there .