How do you use Goldwell PEaRL mix?

How do you use Goldwell PEaRL mix?

  1. Shampoo with Goldwell DualSenses color fade stop shampoo.
  2. Thoroughly towel dry hair and apply Colorance mixture evenly from scalp to ends.
  3. Process for 15 to 25 minutes, based on desired intensity.*
  4. Upon completion of the processing time, lightly rinse and gently work into a lather.

What is PK in Goldwell?

[email protected] Pure High-Performance Hair Color SKU: USA-266120. USA-266120. Elumen, by Goldwell, is the first permanent, high-performance, oxidant-free hair color. Elumen works exclusively with pure direct dyes, which are penetrated deep into the hair and anchored by a kind of magnetic attraction.

What does a Pearl toner do?

There’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror and noticing that your hair has an unwanted yellow, orange, or brassy tone. This shampoo helps to reduce the appearance of yellow tones in gray hair, while also refreshing and brightening hair color to help tone down the appearance of brassiness in blonde hair.

How much peroxide do I mix with hair Colour?

For short hair, 50 ml of colouring cream and 75 ml of peroxide should be enough. For long hair, double the quantities.

How do you mix Goldwell Colorance toner?

Mixing ratio: 2:1, recommended standard mix is 40ml Colorance Lotion to 20ml desired Colorance shade.

  1. Apply to towel dried hair.
  2. Measure 2 parts lotion to 1 part colorance, shake well in the bottle.
  3. Apply at the shampoo bowl with the applicator bottle.
  4. Leave for 5 minutes (time without heat)
  5. Rinse and condition.

Is Pearl blonde the same as ash blonde?

Pearl blonde is an icy, Scandinavian blonde that’s as sophisticated as it is striking. Think Christina Aguilera, or Malin Akerman in Billions. It’s a little warmer than last year’s platinum or ash blondes; switching up flat greys for subtle hints of color that give it a more natural texture.

Can you mix toner with 20 volume developer?

Besides, Can you tone with 20 volume? We generally recommend 20 Vol developer, mixed in a ratio of 1 part toner to 2 parts developer. This will allow you to open the hair cuticle more, kick out more of the unwanted yellow, and achieve color vibrancy and long lasting ashy results.