How does the black star work Skyrim?

Function. The Black Star is a re-usable black soul gem. As such, it is able to store black souls, which are always of the Grand level, along with white souls. Like other soul gems, it can only hold one soul at a time.

How does Azura’s Black Star work?

Function. Like regular soul gems, Azura’s Star has the ability to trap white souls, or those of creatures. These souls can be used for enchanting or recharging. Azura’s Star will not disappear upon use, unlike other soul gems, allowing you to trap another soul after use.

Who should I give the Black Star to in Skyrim?

For the Black Star, a refillable black soul gem, take the star to Nelacar, where he will place the Dragonborn inside the star where Malyn will have to be defeated. Upon Malyn’s defeat, Nelacar will pull the Dragonborn out of the star and gift the newly made Black Star as a reward.

How many times can the Black Star be used?

The black star is an infinite soul gem with the power to capture any soul, either from an NPC or a creature. It functions exactly like a normal soul gem, only one soul at a time. When you use it to charge or enchant an item, it will not disappear, it will just become empty.

Can you reuse the Black Star Skyrim?

Like it’s wiki page says The Black Star is reusable, you can create and charge equipment without it being destroyed (it just becomes empty and you have to fill it again).

Should I bring the black star to Azura or Nelacar?

If you bring it to Azura, you will be able to use it to trap any sized soul except for black souls (i.e., souls from NPCs). If you bring it to Nelacar, you will be able to trap all souls, including black, though Nelacar tells you that it can only trap black souls (see bugs section).

Who should I give Azura’s star too?

If your character is good, giving it to Azura may be the right choice so humanity can never possess such a powerful artifact. If you’re evil then taking it to Nelecar and gaining the Human Soul Devouring, Black Star, may be more appropriate. The reverse could also be said as well.

Which Azura’s Star is best?

The Black Star is Better as Black/Human Souls are More Powerful than Normal “White Souls” Such as Animals etc.. In Oblivion the Black Soul Gems are the Equivenent of the Black Azura’s Star and therefore Hold Human Souls.

Can you keep the black star Skyrim?

If you return to the Shrine, you will speak to Azura. She will tell you that it is unusable until you have purged Varen’s soul from the star.