How high is the zipline in Maui?

Maui Zipline Tour With five side-by-side ziplines, ranging from 300 to 900 feet, this tour is sure to be enjoyed by all and may just be the highlight of your vacation to Maui, Hawaii!

How old do you have to be to zipline in Maui?

10 years old
Are there age restrictions for ziplining? Guests must be at least 10 years old to zipline. Adults must accompany on tour children ages 10-17.

How do I protect my phone while ziplining?

Many times you can wear a belt bag or fanny pack while ziplining. You can use this to store your things like your wallet, keys, and phone. Also, if you are wearing sunglasses it is a good idea to purchase a strap for them so they stay securely on your head while you are flying through the air.

Which zipline is better in Maui?

These are the best places for adventurous zipline & aerial adventure parks in Maui: Jungle Zipline Maui. Kapalua Ziplines. Piiholo Ranch Zipline.

Is ziplining worth the money?

Not terrifying, but zip lines will definitely make your heart pound. The scariest part of riding a zip line is jumping off the platform. You have to fight your natural instincts and put trust in your guides and gear to finally make that jump — but it’s worth it.

Is there a weight limit for ziplining in Maui?

Weight: Between 45 and 230 lbs. For safety reasons this is strictly enforced, and all guests will be weighed at check-in. No refunds will be given for failure to meet this requirement.

What are the dangers of ziplining?

Researchers at Ohio State University found that nearly 12 percent of zipline injuries resulted in fractures or other injuries that required hospitalization, meaning ziplining can be ranked as dangerous as rock climbing. Ziplining, though, can help people overcome their fear of heights.

Can you get stuck on a zip line?

There is a minimum weight on ziplines because if you do not weight enough, you will get stuck on the line rather than zipping across like you should. (If you do get stuck, the guides will be able to help you return safely to the ground, but it can take a bit of time.)