How hot does a Blodgett oven get?

The oven allows you to cook between 200° F and 500° F. It is suggested that you allow 2” between trays for proper air circulation during the cooking process.

When did Middleby buy Blodgett?

December 2001
Middleby purchased Blodgett from Maytag in December 2001 for $95 million. After taking over the struggling manufacturer, Middleby closed plants in Williston and Shelburne and began several rounds of layoffs.

What temperature do commercial pizza ovens run at?

700 to 800 degrees
Most commercial pizza ovens cook at temperatures ranging from 700 to 800 degrees. When you make this food product at home, you need to cook at temperatures ranging between 450 to 500 degrees.

How hot does an industrial pizza oven get?

between 700F and 800F
Commercial pizza ovens typically reach between 700F and 800F. In fact, you’ll be surprised to hear that a traditional wood-fired oven can cook at temperatures ranging from 850F (450C) to 900F (500C). If using a commercial pizza oven, aim for a temperature range of between 600F (350C) and 850F (450C).

Are Blodgett ovens gas or electric?

With some models including steam injection or the capacity to fit roll-in carts, you can choose the gas-powered or electric Blodgett convection oven that would best serve your kitchen’s food preparation needs.

How do you move a commercial pizza oven?

Remove anything you can( to lighten the load) As for the top oven get it loose turn it sideways and simply slide it over the front of bottom oven, bring one side down and rest on 4×4, the stand it upright on its side, sliding dolly under it.

Which Blodgett deck oven should I buy?

Blodgett’s Basic Four design gives you the ultimate in versatility, efficiency, and economy. The compact 900 Series deck ovens are built with the same quality construction as their larger siblings with a space-saving 51″ x 30″ footprint.

Why choose a Blodgett 1048 or 1060 pizza oven?

For a heavy-duty, high volume, fast recovery pizza oven, look no further than the Blodgett 1048 and 1060 ovens featuring bottom air intake. We have designed a system to transfer just the right amount of heat to the top ensuring a perfectly cooked pizza time after time. These ovens can be stacked to optimize your production capacity.

Why choose Blodgett convection ovens?

Blodgett convection ovens are the industry benchmark for quality and reliability, providing decades of rigorous use in any commercial kitchen.

Why choose a 900 series gas deck oven?

performance and reliability. Simplicity of design and quality construction throughout assure years of trouble-free operation. The perfect choice for any commercial kitchen. Creating endless possibilities with the Basic Four! The large 900 Series gas deck ovens come in four basic sections.