How is guide bar length measured?

To find the called length of your chainsaw bar, measure it from its front tip all the way back to the cutter closest to the body of the saw. Round this measurement up to the nearest even number in inches. For example, a bar that measures 18 3/4″ will actually have a called length of 20″.

How long is my Stihl chainsaw bar?

STIHL guide bars range from 10″ (found on our tree-trimming pole pruners) to an incredible 59″ (used in extreme felling operations).

What Stihl chainsaw has a 36 inch bar?

Stihl STIHL-MS880-36 MS 880 Chainsaw – 36 Bar.

What is Stihl’s largest chainsaw?

MS 881 chainsaw
The largest and most powerful chainsaw in the STIHL lineup. For the largest, toughest and most demanding jobs, professionals can find the performance they need in the MS 881 chainsaw. With its updated engine design and up to 41” guide bar length, the MS 881R is the largest, most powerful saw in the STIHL lineup.

How long should my chainsaw bar be?

The usual guideline is to choose a chainsaw with a bar that is two inches longer than the diameter of what you need to cut. For example, if you need to cut a tree that is 10” across, you will need a chainsaw of 12”.

What do the numbers on a Stihl chainsaw bar mean?

Chain ID example 1 The chain tells us it is made by Stihl. The number 6 on the cutter tells us the pitch is 3/8 lo pro or (picco) and the number 3 on the drive link indicates a gauge of . 050″ (or 1.3mm).

Does Stihl make a 28 inch bar?

Stihl 28″ Rollomatic ES Light Chainsaw Bar (91 Drive Links) 3003 000 2238. OEM chainsaw bar from Stihl. Stihl Rollomatic E Super Light chainsaws bars are 30% lighter than their solid steel counterparts.

Does Stihl make a 24 inch bar?

Forester Professional Platinum Chainsaw Bar 24″ for Stihl Saws.

How many cc’s is a STIHL MS 311?

Decompression Valve

DISPLACEMENT 3.6 cu. in.

How many cc’s is a STIHL 881?


STIHL MS 881 MAGNUM® Specifications
DISPLACEMENT 121.6 cc (7.42 in. cu.)
ENGINE POWER 6.4 kW (8.6 bhp)
FUEL CAPACITY 1,300 cc (44 oz.)
GUIDE BAR LENGTHS (Recommended ranges) 21” to 41”

Where can I find the latest Stihl product specifications?

Note: Specifications are as of Oct. 1, 2020 For most recent updates, visit Models and specifications are subject to change without notice. Manufacturer reserves the right to change appearance, function and components of any STIHL product without prior notice or liability.

Is the Stihl 3 in 1 tool any good?

The tool itself is typical Stihl quality in that it’s tough and effective, BUT in this case there is a more efficient option in the 3 in 1 tool that takes down the rakers in one operation and tool. This tool will not dress the rakers down as the teeth are filed, not the worst thing but not super efficient either.

Can a manufacturer change the appearance of a Stihl product?

Manufacturer reserves the right to change appearance, function and components of any STIHL product without prior notice or liability. ** The actual listed guide bar length can vary from the effective cutting length based on which powerhead it is installed on. Wrap-handle version.

How do I select the right Stihl model?

Based on your answers, a recommended Guide Bar or Saw Chain will appear. At any time you may start over by selecting the “start over” button. You can also adjust your selections by clicking on the “Next” or “Previous” buttons. Your STIHL Dealer is familiar with local situations and can help you select the right STIHL model to meet your needs.