How long is 46Q AIT?

12 weeks
Job training for a public affairs specialist requires 11 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 12 weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instruction.

What Mos is a 46S?

Public Affairs Mass Communication Specialist
MOS 46S Public Affairs Mass Communication Specialist.

Where do public affairs officers work?

Work Environment Public Affairs Officers may serve anywhere there is an audience—from aircraft carriers, to shoreside bases and installations, to the Pentagon and other high-profile locations around the world.

What is MOS 46Q in the army?

Public Affairs Specialist (46Q ) Duties & Responsibilities MOS 46Q works to develop news articles by either conducting interviews with appropriate people or gathering information from military news programs and publications.

Do public affairs officers get deployed?

Public Affairs offices play a key role in contingency and deployed operations.

What does a 35S do in the army?

Duties of MOS 35S These soldiers operate signals intelligence (SIGINT) equipment, searching the radio spectrum to collect and identify target communications. This involves performing analysis to determine signal parameters. They’ll prepare logs and reports based on the information gathered.

How long is AIT for 46S?

26 weeks
Army MOS 46S AIT (Advanced Individual Training) is now the Mass Communications Foundation Course at the Defense Information School (DINFOS), at Fort Meade, Maryland (Washington, DC). It is 26 weeks long, attended by all of the military services and civilians.

What is a 94Y?

Army COOL Summary – MOS 94Y – Automatic Test Systems Operator/Maintainer. Officer.

Does the Coast Guard have public affairs officers?

PAs are the Coast Guard’s enlisted public-communications experts. They write news releases and feature articles, shoot still and video imagery, serve as spokespersons, and maintain websites to raise public awareness of important Coast Guard issues and news stories.

Where does 35S go for AIT?

If you survive boot camp you will begin to train for your MOS through Advanced Individual Training (AIT). The amount of time spent training for an Army Signals Collection Analyst (MOS 35S) is 15 weeks. The training takes place at Corry Station Naval Technical Training Center in Pensacola, Florida.

What does MOS 46Q and 46R mean?

WASHINGTON — As of Oct. 1, 2018, MOS 46Q and 46R Soldiers from all three U.S. Army components have been combined and re-designated as MOS 46S, Public Affairs Mass Communications Specialist. Here is some helpful information everyone should know about the MOS convergence: -What does the Y2/Y3 Additional Skill Identifier mean?

What can you do with a 46Q?

Special tracks: You’ll have the opportunity to pursue specific areas of expertise, including photojournalism, public speaking, and media relations. While all of these are parts of MOS 46Q, most soldiers are more suited to one of these tracks than they are to another.

Why are duty stations deemed the best and worst?

It could be because of how close it was to family, the location around the installation or based on what the work hours were for the service member. Scouring the earth, here are the duty stations that have been deemed the best and worst.