How many 3s has curry made in a game?

Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry regrets talk of hitting 16 3s to break Ray Allen’s record.

Who shoots the most 3s in the NBA?

Who’s made the most 3-pointers in NBA history?

  • Stephen Curry (2,977 3-pointers)
  • Ray Allen (2,973)
  • Reggie Miller (2,560)
  • James Harden (2,509)
  • Kyle Korver (2,450)
  • Vince Carter (2,290)
  • Jason Terry (2,282)
  • Jamal Crawford (2,221)

Who is better Kyrie or curry?

Inside Scoring In the position of point guards, the scoring ratio of Stephen Curry vs Kyrie Irving is very remarkable. However, Kyrie Irving will be the winner here. Kyrie’s shooting rate at close range is 70%.

Who has the most dunks in a game?

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert set a new career-high for most dunks in a single game when he had 10 against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday. It was an impressive outing for Rudy Gobert when he had 10 dunks in a game against the Rockets with the 10th dunk coming early in the fourth quarter.

Who sank the first 3 point shot?

Ronnie Carr of Western Carolina on Nov. 29, 1980, when he hit college basketball’s first 3-pointer, against Middle Tennessee State.

Who got the best handles?

It’s an important quality that often makes him the best choice as a point guard.

  • #8. Tim Hardaway.
  • #7. Jamal Crawford.
  • #6. Pete Maravich.
  • #5. Isiah Thomas.
  • #4. Stephen Curry.
  • #3. Derrick Rose.
  • #2. Allen Iverson.

Which NBA teams make the most 3 pointers?

Team(s) played for (years) Total 3-point field goals made Total 3-point field goals attempted 3-point field goal percentage 1 Stephen Curry ^ PG: Golden State Warriors (2009–present) 3,039 7,090 .429 2 Ray Allen * SG: Milwaukee Bucks (1996–2003) Seattle SuperSonics (2003–2007) Boston Celtics (2007–2012) Miami Heat (2012–2014) 2,973

Who made the most 3 pointers in the NBA?

Still, the point guard made a career out of making three-point shots and that is why he kicks he is nowhere near the player with the most threes missed in NBA history. 2,282 – 6,010 (3PTM – 3PTA), 38.0 3PT%, 1,410 Games Played The role player most

Which team has the most 3 pointers?

Giannis Antetokounmpo. USA TODAY Sports.…

  • LeBron James (player option) Getty Images.…
  • Kawhi Leonard (player option) USA TODAY Sports.…
  • Paul George (player option) USA TODAY Sports.…
  • Rudy Gobert.…
  • Victor Oladipo.…
  • Jrue Holiday (player option)…
  • Kyle Lowry.