How many Apple stores are in Florida?

Number of Apple Stores in leading states in the United States as of October 2021

Characteristic Number of stores
Florida 18
Texas 17
Massachusetts 11
New Jersey 11

Can you go to the Apple Store without an appointment?

You don’t. There is no way to make appointments for shopping, nor do you need to make one. Appointments are only for service. Just go to a store, and tell them you want to buy something.

Why is it so hard to make a Genius Bar appointment?

FWIW, they’ve been exceptionally busy lately with the iPhone battery replacements, so, depending on your store, you may or may not get an appointment within 3 days.

Where is the biggest Apple store in the US?

Apple Store Boylston Street, Boston, USA Boston has the largest Apple Store in the USA. Like all other Apple Stores, the design is unique to the building, containing features such as a garden rooftop, although it cannot be accessed by the public.

How many Apple stores are in the world in 2021?

Growing from its 2001 launch with a pair of stores in Tysons Corner, Virginia, and Glendale, California, Apple now has more than 500 retail locations all around the world.

What happens if your late to an Apple appointment?

You can be 15 minutes late and you won’t be punished. Apple gives you 15 minutes to check in to your appointment. If you’re late, you don’t get your exact appointment time, but your priority position is maintained.

How do you politely cancel a appointment?

Use phrases like:

  1. “I understand how important this is…”
  2. “I’m really sorry, but I need to change the schedule…”
  3. “Let’s reschedule this as soon as possible…”
  4. “I’m available next [X DAY] between [X AND X TIME OF DAY]…”
  5. “I’m sorry I can’t make this meeting, but please fill me in on any important notes…”