How many beds does Spring Valley Hospital have?

364Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center / Number of beds

What is Antelope Valley Hospital known for?

acute care
Antelope Valley Hospital (AVH) is a public hospital located in Lancaster, California specializing in acute care. It has 420 beds and is accredited by the Joint Commission. In March 2010 AVH was declared one of the 14 trauma centers in Los Angeles County….

Antelope Valley Hospital
Beds 420
Opened 1955

Is Desert Springs a good hospital?

Desert Springs Hospital and The Surgical Weight Control Center. Gold winner in Best Hospital category, and Gold winner as Best Weight-Loss Center.

What is the oldest hospital in Las Vegas?

University Medical Center (UMC)
University Medical Center (UMC) is the oldest hospital in Southern Nevada and is located in Las Vegas. The population in Las Vegas was 4,000 and was a railroad watering stop. This hospital opened in July 1931, had 20-beds, and was named Clark County Indigent Hospital.

How many beds is Antelope Valley Hospital?

420Antelope Valley Medical Center / Number of beds

How many employees does Antelope Valley Hospital have?

Antelope Valley Hospital has approximately 1001-5000 employees.

Does Palm Springs have good medical care?

Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs was also recognized by U.S. News & World Report as as a “high performing” hospital for five procedures and conditions.

What are Desert Springs?

Desert springs, in particular, are vitally important to life in the region. When water stored beneath the earth’s surface oozes out and collects above the ground, it can turn into a seasonal or perennial source of water.

Where is Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas?

Follow us on Facebook Leave us a review on Google Follow us on Twitter Follow us on YouTube Read Our Blog. Southern Hills Hospital is located in Southwest Las Vegas just off the I-215 and Durango/Sunset exit.

Where is Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center located?

Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center. Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center, located in southwest Las Vegas, Nevada, is a 292-bed acute care facility providing quality healthcare to the residents of Las Vegas and surrounding region.

Why population health at Spring Hills?

With an eye to personal preferences and social determinants that impact health, our Population Health associates build relationships with the patient and family before their arrival to ensure a smooth transition to Spring Hills and provide support during their stay and for 90 days after returning home.

What’s new at Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center?

Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center launches Interventional Neurology… Beginning February 7th, Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center will begin offering Interventional Neurology for stroke patients. ER at S. Las Vegas Blvd. wants to spread some Holiday cheer by offering Valley families a free professional photo with Santa.