How many big cities are in Lithuania?

Five cities – Birštonas, Druskininkai, Neringa, Palanga and Anykščiai – have a special resort status. Most of the cities are small. There are only 14 cities with a population of more than 20,000. Cities are quite evenly spread out through the territory of Lithuania.

What is the main city in Lithuania?

VilniusLithuania / Capital

What is the most populous city in Lithuania?


Population (2021)
• Capital city 592,389
• Rank (31st in EU)
• Density 1,392/km2 (3,610/sq mi)

What ethnicity is Lithuanian?

Lithuanians are an Indo-European people belonging to the Baltic group. They are the only branch within the group that managed to create a state entity in premodern times. The Prussians, overrun by the Teutonic Order in the 13th century, became extinct by the 18th century.

What language does Lithuania speak?

LithuanianLithuania / Official languageLithuanian is a Baltic language belonging to the Balto-Slavic branch of the Indo-European language family. It is the official language of Lithuania and one of the official languages of the European Union. There are about 2.8 million native Lithuanian speakers in Lithuania and about 200,000 speakers elsewhere. Wikipedia

How do Lithuanians look like?

They have fair skin, more than 80% have light-colored eyes and many have light-colored hair (a stereotypical Lithuanian is thus blue-eyed blonde, even though such people are a minority). Lithuanians are among the tallest peoples of the world (this maybe explains their affinity for basketball).

What is the busiest city in Lithuania?

No 1: London Stansted Airport and Gatwick Airport

  • No 2: London Stansted Airport,London Luton Airport and Gatwick Airport
  • No 5: Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and Stockholm-Skavsta Airport
  • No 10: Gatwick Airport,London Stansted Airport and London Luton Airport
  • No 11: Malpensa Airport and Orio al Serio Airport
  • What is the biggest city in Lithuania?

    Telia Lietuva, the only Telecoms operator in the Lithuania state, will invest about $11 million in the construction of what is poised to be the largest data centre in the country, with the company taking over the plot ownership at the start of this year, amid plans to put contracts for design and construction out to tender shortly.

    What is the wealthiest city in Lithuania?

    Neringa – as Jonas Oškinis mentioned is expensive to buy property there.

  • Vilnius – capital city,highest salaries from biggest cities,many highrise buildings and modern offices. Many businesses.
  • Klaipėda – because of port town mainly,I think.
  • Kaunas
  • Is Lithuania a great place to visit?

    Yes, surely, Lithuania is worth visiting. In my opinion, the real interest for tourists presents its countryside, unspoiled nature, clean lakes and woods. One may have a really good rest and to have different activities. Trees, grass, water, fields – everything is enjoyable in Lithuania.