How many levels are in Panic on Funkotron?

Take it steady and you should get through the whole 17 levels the game has to offer in a couple of hours.

How do you get more lives on ToeJam and Earl?

Get Extra Lives Well what u do is play on a one player game and pick up the second controller and push start. It will say add Toejam, Earl or Latisha (Depending on who u r) then what u do is click 1 of them. Then push start and u should have 6 lives.

How do you get rid of toe jams?

Corn starch or talcum powder can help keep feet dry. Some medicated talcs can also be used to treat toe jam. If you have corns or calluses, soaking them in warm water, and filing them down gently with a pumice stone or pedicure tool, can help eliminate the shedding of dead skin cells.

How do you get rid of toe jam?

Who owns Toe Jam and Earl?

Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson continued as an independent game design consultant, then started his own video game development studio called HumaNature Studios, and currently owns the ToeJam & Earl intellectual property rights.

Why do my toenails smell?

Getting a fungal infection on your toenails can cause the nails to turn yellow and brittle, and the bugs that cause the infection often emit a foul odor as they feed on your body. The same microorganisms that cause athlete’s foot also are the cause of fungal toenail infection.

What is a ToeJam?

Toe jam isn’t a medical term. There is no formal medical term to describe the dead skin cells, sweat, sock lint and dirt that combine in the small and often cramped spaces between our toes. Toe jam can have the consistency of soft cheese or cake crumbs. It can smell or be odourless.

What genre is ToeJam and Earl?

Action-adventure gameAdventure
ToeJam & Earl/Genres

How many players can play Panic on Funkotron?

Unlike its predecessor, Panic on Funkotron is a side-scrolling platform game in which up to two players play as ToeJam and Earl as they travel across Funkotron to capture antagonistic Earthlings that had stowed away.

Is there a sequel to ToeJam and Earl?

****************** This is the funky sequel to Toejam and Earl. While the gameplay is completely different, it stars the same characters that made the original game famous. It came out in 1993 on the Genesis, and you can probably find it at any decent used game store.

What do Earl and ToeJam do with the Earthlings?

In this installment, ToeJam and Earl discover after returning to their home planet of Funkotron that a number of antagonistic Earthlings have stowed away on their spacecraft and are wreaking havoc across the planet. The player (s) must hunt down these Earthlings and trap them in jars before sending them back to Earth.

What happened to the Great Funkopotamus?

They collected the pieces of their spacecraft and flew back to their home, planet Funkotron. Unfortunately, they brought some Earthlings back with them. The Earthlings are wreaking havoc on planet Funkotron! The great funkopotamus is cowering in fear, and the funk is disappearing.