How many levels are there in Matific?

Effects of Matific on teaching and learning The responses Page 16 16 were categorized according to three levels of agreement: very little (1–2), to some extent (3), and to a great extent (4–5).

How can I participate in Matific?

However, if you’re already using Matific at school or at home, you don’t need to register because you’re automatically enrolled in the competition! In order to be eligible for the school and class prizes, schools must register a minimum of 100 students and classes a minimum of 10 students.

Is Matific free?

Matific is a free elementary math product that consists of engaging activities and games that are linked to content from the most popular math textbooks. It is available through a browser, native iPhone and iPad apps, as well as native Android smartphone and tablet apps.

What is Matific program?

Matific is a comprehensive and curriculum aligned maths activities developed by pedagogical experts to improve critical thinking and build deep conceptual understanding in mathematics. Your child will love to play and practise maths skills at the same time.

How can parents use matific to support their children?

Parents encourage their children to play Matific for 30 minutes a week – Matific takes care of the rest. Support your child’s individual learning needs The Parent Zone enables parents to view their child’s progress in real-time from any device. Parents get insights into where their child is excelling, and if they need any help in certain skills.

What’s it like to use matific?

“Matific is a fantastic tool for teaching mathematics intuitively and introducing children to scientific thinking.” “Far more engaging for our students than other online platforms and we like how the questions were adaptive to the students’ abilities.” “Matific is very easy to use, and our students enjoyed using it.

Can matific be used as a homework tool?

As more and more students play Matific, our adaptive algorithm (like any good recommendation algorithm) will improve more and more. We’re eager to hear from you about your experiences with using it in your classroom and as a homework tool! Reach out and let us know what you think.

How can matific help students struggling with a particular skill?

If a student is struggling with a particular skill, we can show students activities associated with its prerequisites, and then prerequisites of those skills, moving backward through the network until we find something just right for them. Matific’s activities are designed to ensure students encounter new ideas in a safe, fun environment.