How many members of parliament are there in the Bahamas?

It consists of 39 members (known as members of parliament), elected from individual constituencies for five-year terms. As under the Westminster system, the government may dissolve the parliament and call elections at any time.

Who is the Member of Parliament for Golden Gates?

Pia Glover-Rolle

Pia Glover-Rolle M.P.
Assumed office 23 September 2021
Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis
Member of Parliament for Golden Gates

How many cabinet ministers are there in the Bahamas?

It is necessary for the Cabinet to comprise at least nine Ministers inclusive of the Prime Minister and Attorney General. All Ministers are Members of Parliament of either the House of Assembly or the Senate. The number of Ministers from the Senate is limited to three.

Who is the governor of the Bahamas?

Cornelius A. SmithThe Bahamas / Governor-general

Who is the current Governor General of the Bahamas?

Who was the first governor general of the Bahamas?

List of governors-general

No. Name (Birth–Death) Term of office
Took office
1 Sir John Paul (1916–2004) 10 July 1973
2 Sir Milo Butler (1906–1979) 1 August 1973
Doris Sands Johnson (1921–1983) Acting Governor-General 22 January 1979

Who is known as member of Parliament?

A Member of Parliament (MP) is the representative in parliament of the people who live in their electoral district. In many countries with bicameral parliaments, this term refers only to members of the lower house and upper house members.

What are list seats in Parliament?

A list MP is a member of parliament (MP) elected from a party list rather than from by a geographical constituency. The place in Parliament is due to the number of votes that the party won, not to votes received by the MP personally.

Who are the Ministers in parliament?


  • Shri Pralhad Venkatesh Joshi. Cabinet Minister.
  • Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal. Minister of State.
  • Shri V. Muraleedharan. Minister of State.

Who are the political leaders in the Bahamas?

Elections. The Commonwealth sent observers to the elections in The Bahamas in 2017.

  • Human rights. The Secretariat helped The Bahamas to be elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council.
  • Sport.
  • Debt management.
  • Natural resources.
  • Blue Charter.
  • Who is currently head of the government in the Bahamas?

    Constitutional framework. The constitution of The Bahamas,adopted upon independence in 1973,is patterned on the Westminster model—i.e.,that of the United Kingdom.

  • Political process. All Bahamian citizens 18 years of age and older can vote.
  • Education. Schooling is compulsory from age 5 to 16 and is free in government schools.
  • Health and welfare.
  • Why did the Bahamas became a member of CARICOM?

    Movement toward a single market and economy was delayed over disagreements about the division of benefits, but in January 2006 the Caricom Single Market (CSM)—which removed barriers to goods, services, trade, and several categories of labour—was implemented by all member states except The Bahamas and Haiti. A year earlier, CARICOM had officially inaugurated the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), which replaced the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London. CCJ serves as the final

    What government is responsible for the Bahamas?

    Executive Branch. The Bahamas has a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government based on the Westminster.

  • Legislative Branch. The Bahamas has a bicameral parliament consisting the House of Assembly and Senate.
  • The Judiciary Of the Bahamas.
  • Political Structure.
  • Administrative Divisions Of the Bahamas.