How many P-40 are left?

A few aircraft were converted to TP-40N two-seat trainers. Today, about 20 P-40s of various models are airworthy and about 80 more are in museums or awaiting restoration. In 1947 the Royal Canadian Air Force put its P-40s up for sale at a price of $50.00 each.

What fighter did the Flying Tigers use?

Curtiss P-40 fighters
Pilots of the Flying Tigers run for their Curtiss P-40 fighters as an air raid warning sounds at an unknown airbase in China on Nov. 2, 1943. The AVG was integrated into the U.S. military in 1942 as part of the 23d Fighter Group, which continued to use the name Flying Tigers.

Why did fighter planes have shark faces?

In November 1941, AVG pilots saw a color photo in a newspaper of a shark mouth painted on a 112 Squadron P-40 fighter in North Africa and immediately adopted the shark-face motif for their own P-40Bs.

How good was the Kitty Hawk?

III , the Kittyhawk became a good, stable fighting aircraft although it never did have enough power or climbing ability compared to the Me. 109s or Spitfires. All Kittyhawks I flew had 6 x . 50 guns, excellent for strafing or blowing up a target.

What is the difference between a P-40 and an XP-46?

This aircraft was based on the P-40, but was an almost entirely different aircraft. While retaining the rear fuselage of the P-40, the XP-46 had a new wing with wider track landing gear. The nose was redesigned too, as it housed a new 1,150 hp (860 kW) V-1710-39 engine.

Was the P-40 Tomahawk better than the Bf 109?

If you take into consideration all the characteristics of the P-40, then the Tomahawk was equal to the Bf 109F and the Kittyhawk was slightly better. Its speed and vertical and horizontal manoeuvre were good and fully competitive with enemy aircraft.

What is the difference between the P-40D and P-46 Kittyhawk?

Both the USAAF and RAF cancelled their orders for the P-46 and the name “Kittyhawk” was given to the P-40D. P-40D, 2 aircraft built for testing purposes, both were later modified into the prototypes of subsequent variants. P-40D-1, 21 aircraft built for service with the USAAF.

What is the difference between a P-40A and a P40E?

The P-40A was a single camera-carrying aircraft. The P-40E or P-40E-1 was similar in most respects to the P-40D, except for a slightly more powerful engine and an extra .50 in (12.7 mm) gun in each wing, bringing the total to six. Some aircraft also had small underwing bomb shackles.