How much do CNA classes cost in Utah?

The training is for three to six weeks. Completion of this course qualifies you for the examination, which must be taken within a year. The cost of the examination is $75….Utah CNA Classes & Testing Costs.

Training Program Mountainland Technical College
City Orem, UT
Zip Code 84058
Phone 801-753-6282

How long is CNA training in Utah?

In Utah, candidates must complete a minimum of 100 hours of training a state approved CNA training program.

How much do CNAs make in Utah per hour?

The average salary for a nursing assistant is $18.21 per hour in Utah and $4,130 overtime per year. 5.6k salaries reported, updated at April 27, 2022. Is this useful?

How do I get my CNA license in Utah?

You merely need to complete the training + evaluation program and achieve satisfactory scores on both portions (knowledge and skills) of the state’s CNA certification test, and you will be placed on the Utah nursing assistant registry. Your primary nurse aide certification in Utah will be valid for two years.

How do I become a CNA in Utah?

A prospective CNA will need to complete a program that has been approved by the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry. Utah-approved CNA programs are 80 hours. They are offered at a variety of institutions including nursing homes and community colleges. Some are housed in high schools.

How do I become a CNA online?

Age minimum (e.g.,you must be 18 or older)

  • High school diploma or equivalent (like a GED)
  • Updated immunization record
  • Cleared drug screen/TB skin test
  • Cleared criminal background/abuse history check
  • Fingerprinting
  • Completion of a reading course or competency exam
  • Attendance of a pre-registration orientation
  • Purchase of a uniform/scrubs
  • Can you really become a CNA online?

    You can become a CNA Online provided you complete a part of the training at a hands on local training facility. Online CNA training courses offer a good way for busy adults to start a new career.

    How can I get my CNA online?

    Taking vital signs

  • Medical and surgical asepsis
  • Infection control
  • Linen care
  • Nutrition
  • Patient care and personal care
  • Resident safety
  • Patient cultural and spiritual needs
  • Where can I take CNA classes online?

    Cna training programs generally take between 6 and 12 weeks to complete, with some programs that can be completed in as little as 4 weeks. provides online cna training classes on the internet.Courses are offered at local colleges, technical school, hospitals, or the red cross.Even though you cannot get your cna certification