How much do custom championship rings cost?

Our custom championship rings for both teams and individuals start as low as $9.99. High quality rings at low cost with fast turn time. We provide both quick and complete customization options.

What company makes championship rings?

Balfour of Attleboro, Massachusetts and Jostens of Minneapolis, Minnesota are the two companies that have produced the majority of championship rings for the four major professional sports leagues.

Do Baron rings have real diamonds?

Pretty, right? Yes, but those aren’t real diamonds and rubies. Rather, they’re man-made stones meant to look real. Per NCAA guidelines, student-athletes may only receive $415 worth of gifts for winning a national championship, and $325 if they win the conference title.

Can you buy replica Super Bowl rings?

While there are no official replica rings available for Superbowl championships, there are many unofficial dealers who offer replica NFL rings.

What finger do you wear a championship ring on?

ring finger
Traditionally, Championship Rings are worn on the recipient’s right hand, ring finger. However, should an individual have multiple Championship Rings – it is their preference which finger they want to wear the newest ring on. A Championship Ring is something to be proud of, and a way to honor your school and program.

How much does a World championship ring cost?

If you are willing and able to shell out that much more for this memento, you can get a limited-edition World Series Championship Ring (the real thing) for $25,000, at least while supplies last.

What championship ring is worth the most?

The most expensive NBA Championship Ring ever created was the one that NBA legend Michael Jordan received after leading the Chicago Bulls to their third consecutive NBA Championship in 1993. Jordan’s Ring cost $200,000 and over 50 carats of diamonds were used on it!

How much is the Raptor championship ring worth?

Designed by the famous jeweller Jason Arasheben, it was the costliest in the history of the NBA – outstripping the Raptors’ $150,000 – and included 804 gems on each piece. The ring carried references to all the shirt numbers retired by the franchise, with particular attention paid to the two worn by Bryant (8 and 24).