How much does a funny car engine cost?

Body and internal parts generally cost around $200,000; engine parts usually cost between $50,000 and $100,000 more.

What engine does a funny car use?

Funny Cars are powered by the same supercharged and fuel-injected 500-inch engines as Top Fuel dragsters. Funny Cars are also similar to Top Fuel dragsters in that they do not use a transmission but rather transmit power to the huge Goodyear rear slicks through a multistage clutch assembly that is activated by timers.

How long does a funny car engine last?

Typically, street-car engines can deliver as much as 800 thousand miles before their motor must be replaced. Top-fuel dragsters must go straight for every quarter mile.

How much horsepower do Funny Cars have?

The Funny car and Top Fuel dragster share many characteristics. They can generate up to 7,000 horsepower, or about 750 horsepower per cylinder based on an eight-cylinder engine. Output is about 37 times more powerful than the standard factory production car.

How much is an NHRA Top Fuel engine?

It primarily utilizes a US-made 4130 chrome moly chassis. In terms of weight/power ratio, the 1000 kilogram batteries are massive. Top Fuel dragsters cost an estimated $500,000 to produce.

What’s faster Top Fuel or Funny Car?

Funny cars feature carbon-fiber bodies over a conventional chassis and resemble production cars. Top Fuel dragsters generally have the same horsepower as Funny cars, but are faster because they are lighter with narrow bodies. Funny cars and Top Fuel dragsters are straight-line quarter-mile racers.

How much does a nitro engine cost?

The best estimate is $9000 to $12000. Each run will cost you $10.00.

What kind of fuel do Funny Cars use?

The fuel mixture is usually 85–90% nitromethane (nitro, “fuel”) and 10–15% methanol (alcohol, “alky”). The ratio of fuel to air can be as high as 1:1.

How much does a NHRA pro mod cost?

Based on the price listed here, a pro modified drag car can cost between $275,000 and $350,000. Generally, the vehicle and its inner parts cost around $200,000.