How much does conveyor belt system cost?

General pricing for each conveyor can range from $15,000 up to over $400,000 depending on the size of the conveyor, component requirements and the belt specifications.

What companies use conveyors?

Top 9 Conveyor Manufacturers in the U.S.

Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc. 1,300 Jonesboro
Intelligrated, Inc. 800 Mason
Eriez 550 Erie
Material Handling Systems, Inc. 550 Mount Washington

How much does a conveyor belt cost per foot?

STRUCTURE COST Structure is priced per foot and can range from as low as $40.00 per foot to $150.00 per foot depending on required belt width, CEMA rating, shell thickness, and structural support requirements.

How do you choose a conveyor system?

8 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Conveyor System for Your Process

  1. Choose Quality Equipment that You Can Trust.
  2. Equipment Size and Design.
  3. Work Environment.
  4. Type of Material You are Moving.
  5. Cost of Equipment.
  6. Type of Operation.
  7. Maintenance Requirements.
  8. Long Term Company Goals.

How do you size a conveyor belt?

The most reliable way to determine the length is to place markings on the side of the conveyor belt. Measure the length at regular intervals until you return to the first mark. The total of these measurements is the length of the tensioned belt.

How belt conveyors are used in material handling?

The use of belt conveyors is one of the most effective ways to convey material on a horizontal plane and can range in length from just a few feet to literally thousands of feet. Belt speeds, types and widths can also range according to the capacity needed.

What must be considered when choosing a conveyor system and why?

8 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Conveyor System for Your Process

  • Choose Quality Equipment that You Can Trust.
  • Equipment Size and Design.
  • Work Environment.
  • Type of Material You are Moving.
  • Cost of Equipment.
  • Type of Operation.
  • Maintenance Requirements.
  • Long Term Company Goals.

What should you look out for when buying a conveyor belt?

Things to know before buying conveyor belt

  • Dimensions. Two important things which a buyer should look at while buying a conveyor belt, is the length and width of the belt.
  • Product specifications.
  • Decline/Incline requirements.
  • Production rate.
  • Product material.
  • Environmental conditions.

How much power does a conveyor belt need?

We know that required power equals the product of belt pull and belt speed. Required power equals pounds (lbs) of belt pull times feet per minute (fpm) of belt speed. And here is another key definition: 1 HP = 0.746 kilowatts = 0.746 kW.