How much does the Total Gym cost as seen on TV?

That’s over $1,174 in savings! Or Call Total Gym Direct at: 1-800-618-7401 and speak to a live representative! The new Total Gym FIT represents the pinnacle of Total Gym’s innovative fitness technology….Total Gym FIT Reviews.

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Is there a cheaper version of the Total Gym?

Best Budget Total Gym Model: APEX G1 The APEX G1 is a great choice if you’re on a tight budget and want a cheaper model. This model still provides 60 exercises which give you a great range of exercises to complete for a full body workout.

How much does a Total Gym 1400 cost?

At around $300, the Total Gym 1400 is one of the most affordable Total Gyms on the market. For that case, it’s one of the most affordable home gyms of any kind on the market. It’s difficult to find a piece of equipment that can provide a full body workout, with over 60 different exercises, for such a low price.

Can you lose weight with Total Gym?

If you’ve chosen the Total Gym as the equipment you’ll use to work out and lose weight, you can see results — but keep in mind that a combination of a calorie-controlled diet, strength training and cardiovascular exercise is the best approach.

Is Total Gym or Bowflex better?

Total Gym and Bowflex are both winners in my book, there’s no wrong answer when trying to decide between these 2 brands. You should probably go with a Total Gym if: you’re looking to improve strength and cardiovascular health. you’re looking for a low-impact, full-body workout.

Which exercise machine is best for belly fat?

The following are among the most popular and effective workout machines used for reducing belly fat.

  • Treadmill.
  • Elliptical.
  • Stairmaster.
  • Stationary bike.
  • Rowing machine.

Is the total gym worth the price?

The Total Gym Fit may cost a little more but it’s worth the money because it is going to give you even more of a workout compared to the XLS, mostly due to the 6 additional resistance levels that it provides.

Which Total Gym is best for me?

Total Gym RG1APEX G1 Home Fitness Incline Weight Training with 6 Resistance Levels. 4.7 out of 5 stars. (33) Total Ratings 33, 96% agree – Would recommend. $299.99 New. $234.99 Used. Total Gym FR7946 24×36 inch Convenient Quick Reference Exercise Chart with 35 Workouts. 4.3 out of 5 stars.

How much does the Total Gym cost?

Total Gym Cost Price: How Much Does it Cost? The Total Gym starts at $529.75 for their entry level model, and goes up to $3,795 for their top-of-the-line home gym. They do have financing options available.

Where to buy Total Gym?

FREE Personal Trainer Normally$100/Hr. -$1200 value – Yours Free Today

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