How Much Is A Levels in Sunway College?

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Exam Body Sunway College
Fees From RM27,900
Fees (International Student) International Administrative Fee RM1,980 (per year)
Campus Sunway College
Faculty Pre-Universities Studies

What is the tuition for Taylor University?

36,800 USD (2019 – 20)Taylor University / Undergraduate tuition and fees

HOW LONG IS A Levels in Taylors?

1.5 year
Cambridge A Levels @ Taylor’s is a 1.5 year programme consisting of 3 semesters (6 months each).

How do I apply for a level in Malaysia?

To study A-Level, you will need to have an SPM qualification or equivalent, such as IGCSE or O-Level. SPM leavers will need to meet the minimum entry requirements of the college they are applying for. Generally, A-Level courses take 15 to 24 months, depending on the pathway you choose to pursue.

Where can I study a level in Malaysia?

Recommended Colleges to Study A-Level in Malaysia.

  • Taylor’s University (Cambridge A-Level)
  • UCSI University (Cambridge A-Level)
  • HELP University (Cambridge A-Level & Edexcel International Advanced Level)
  • Brickfields Asia College (BAC) (Cambridge A-level)
  • Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) (Cambridge A-Level)
  • How hard is a level Malaysia?

    A-Levels is a tough programme and if you just choose the cheapest or nearest to your house, you may well just not do well in the exams. To choose the best college or university for A-Levels in Malaysia you should consider the following: Experience of the lecturers. A-Levels is about the lecturers and not the college.

    What is Taylor University known for?

    Taylor’s University is also ranked 17th in the world for Hospitality & Leisure Management and Top 150 for Business & Management Studies making Taylor’s Business School the top private business school in Malaysia based on the 2021 QS World Rankings by Subject.

    How much is room and board at Taylor University?

    Taylor Costs Before Financial Aid 2022-2023

    Fall & Spring J-Term
    Room $5,162 $638
    Board $4,626 $632
    Fees $274 $26
    Total $47,238 $1,296

    How much does a level cost in Malaysia?

    A Levels fees in Malaysia can go from as cheap as RM16,000 to a more elevated fee of RM35,000, depending on the institution you decide to study at.

    Where can I study A levels in Malaysia?

    Why choose Taylor’s College Malaysia?

    With over 50 years of academic experience, Taylor’s College has established itself as the Best Pre-University in Malaysia for this programme. Our curriculum and track records in academic excellence has resulted in the successful placement of our students into top universities of their choice. Learn more about the Cambridge A Level programme here.

    Is Taylor’s University a good University?

    We’re proud to celebrate Taylor’s University’s undisputed success at the recent QS World University Rankings. This is a great milestone for Taylor’s and we’re honoured to have Taylor’s College students progress in their journey to the No.1 Private University in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

    Why has Taylor’s College removed a subject?

    * Taylor’s College may remove a subject given the circumstances where the student numbers are too small or due to situations beyond our control. Students will be counselled to opt for another subject.

    How many years of teaching has Dr Tamsin taught at Taylor’s College?

    Holding a Master in Education (Mathematics), she’s taught at Taylor’s College for 30 years: 14 years in Canadian Pre-University (CPU) and 16 in Cambridge A Level (CAL). She’s also an examiner for IGCSE Additional Mathematics.