How much money is a Fulbright scholarship?

But how much is the stipend for Fulbright? Fulbright grants offer a $1,000-per-month allowance as a minimum and an ongoing monthly allowance of $1,150 for housing and upkeep. There’s also a $3,500 allowance for traveling and relocating, along with $500 for books and research.

Is it prestigious to be a Fulbright scholar?

The program was founded by United States Senator J. William Fulbright in 1946 and is considered to be one of the most widely recognized and prestigious scholarships in the world.

Is Fulbright hard to get into?

While acceptance rates change from year to year, Fulbright generally awards grants to around 20 percent of applicants to the U.S. Student Program. That said, the competition can vary quite a bit depending on what country you’re applying to.

Who is eligible for Fulbright scholarship?

To participate in the Fulbright Foreign Student Program, the applicant must have completed undergraduate education and hold a degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. If your country is not listed there, you are not eligible to apply.

Who pays for Fulbright scholarship?

The primary source of the funding for the Fulbright Program is an annual appropriation made by the U.S. Congress to the U.S. Department of State. Participating governments and host institutions, corporations and foundations in foreign countries and in the United States also provide direct and indirect support.

Who gets a Fulbright scholarship?

Applicants must have a conferred bachelor’s degree or equivalent before the start of the grant. In the creative and performing arts, four years of professional training and/or experience meets the basic eligibility requirement.

How do I apply for Fullbright?

All application requirements must be submitted via the online application portal on or before the published deadline of each year. Application period for the Fulbright advanced research/lecturing awards is usually from July through October. All applications for research grants are processed online.

Can I stay in the US after Fulbright scholarship?

Q: Can Fulbright participants stay in the United States after their program, or do they need to return to their home country? A: Upon completion of their program, Fulbrighters are required to return to their home country to complete the two-year residency requirement before becoming eligible to apply for other visas.

How many Americans have been awarded the Fulbright Scholarship in Jordan?

For JordaniansFor Americans Fulbright awards that were granted by the Fulbright Commission in Jordan since 1994 723 Jordanians 748 Americans Alumni Inspiration Meet the three Fulbrighters making their mark in film and media

What are the Fulbright student scholarships?

The Fulbright Student scholarships are offered every year to qualified Jordanian students for higher study and research in the United States of America.

What is binational Fulbright Commission in Jordan?

The Binational Fulbright Commission in Jordan strives to ensure that its efforts reflect the diversity of both, Jordanian and American societies.

How many Fulbright awards has Dr Dajani received?

Over the years, Dr. Dajani received two Fulbright awards; the Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship to pursue her Ph.D., and years later received the Scholar Research Award at Yale University. This feature also includes our first video interview of this series.