How much should I upload to My Mixtapez?

1.) –To be featured at the top of MyMixtapez for approximately 24 hours will cost you about $4000. This price will allow you to be the first thing a viewer sees when they open the app. –To be featured in the rows below for 24 hours will cost you anywhere from $500 – $1500 depending on which row you select.

Is My Mixtapez free?

Discover new music you can share with your friends, or build a playlist of the latest remixes, rap albums, and more right from My Mixtapez. Listen online and stream your favorite artists, DJs, & producers all from one free music app. Access the newest mixtapes, singles and videos all from one music player.

Where can I upload my mixtape for free?

Where Can I Upload My Rap Mixtape For Free? The 10 Best Sites

  • DatPiff.
  • Spinrilla.
  • 24/7Mixtapes.
  • iLLmixtapes.
  • NoiseTrade.

When was Livemixtapes created?

The site was created back in October 2011 by parent company Vuziq, a mobile software developer for smartphones that launched back in 2010.

How do I upload music to Livemixtapes?

So, how do you upload your mixtape on Livemixtapes?

  1. Sign up for an account & complete their expedited application.
  2. Work with someone who has a Livemixtapes account.
  3. Network with the staff.
  4. Hustle, grow your popularity, and then have them come to you.

Can I put my mixtape on Spotify?

Mixtapes could be submitted to Spotify, but it would be up to the submitting company to firstly gain the permission from all the individual rights holders involved, and then to supply all the relevant rights data. There are dance music compilations on Spotify. Many of these have a last track is a continuous mix.

Does DatPiff cost money?

Uploading your mixtape to DatPiff is free for DJs and artists alike. It’s one of the most popular mixtape sites out there, and uploading to other sites sometimes requires that you first upload to DatPiff. In other words, getting your mixtape on this site should be top priority.