How often do people get murdered on the Appalachian Trail?

Overall, however, the AT is a safer destination than just about anywhere else in the country. There’s been just one murder on the trail every four years since 1974. The chance of getting killed there is 1,000 times less than in America as a whole.

Where do I send resupply boxes on Appalachian Trail?

The Best Towns to Send Mail Drops on the Appalachian Trail

  • 1) Nantahala Outdoor Center (The NOC) Mile: 137.3.
  • 2) Fontana Village. Mile: 164.6.
  • 3) Bland, VA. Mile: 587.6.
  • 4) Harper’s Ferry, WV. Mile: 1019.6.
  • 5) Caratunk, ME. Mile: 2034.1.
  • 6) Monson, ME. Mile: 2070.8.

What are hiker boxes?

A hiker box is a box or an area where hikers, trail angels, or others leave items for other hikers. Hiker boxes can be filled with almost any type of item.

Do people get kidnapped on the Appalachian Trail?

I know what most people envision, as far as safety, when I say “thru-hiking”. They imagine murder, foul play and kidnapping. In all honesty, there have been instances of murder and foul play on the trail.

What is a bounce box?

The definition of a Bounce Box, in my own words, is a parcel that thru-hikers send ahead to various resupply points on a long distance trail, usually containing extra gear, food and some luxury items to enjoy while in town.

Is alcohol allowed on the Appalachian Trail?

While it is common to participate in drug and alcohol it is still illegal on federal land which, is what most of the Appalachian Trail is considered. Despite the changing drug laws in various states, hikers are taking a risk to bring a party atmosphere to a somewhat lonely experience.

How do I send a mail drop on the Appalachian Trail?

A Guide to Mail Drops on the Appalachian Trail To send yourself a mail drop when hiking the Appalachian Trail, you can mail packages to a post office or certain hiker-friendly businesses. Read More.

What is a mail drop hike?

Sending mail drops often translates to buying and shipping yourself groceries before your hike instead of buying groceries during your hike. It sounds dumb, and in most situations, it is.

Is it easy to resupply on the Appalachian Trail?

Resupplying and Accessing Towns Along the Appalachian Trail Resupplying on the Appalachian Trail is easier then you might think. While the heart of the AT takes you through the Appalachian mountains and there are certainly remote parts of the trail, it also takes you within practical distances from dozens… Read More

Where to send your mail drop in North Carolina?

Where to send your mail drop: NOC Outfitters (13078 Hwy 19W, Bryson City, NC 28713) Although a hiker favorite for a place to kickback and drink a beer (mine as well), the NOC resupply options are limited and over-priced, and chances are you’ll probably end up spending more than you’d like at one of their restaurants.