How old is Lil Hal?

Based on the mind of a 13 year old, unknown amount of mental development in the subsequent 3 years.

Who is ultimate Dirk?

“Ultimate” Dirk is able to leverage his distributed persona to “become” a narrative voice within the story, on a metatextual level, an ability that allows him to re-write reality and rival Alternate Calliope, a fully realized Muse, one of the two master classes, for influence over the narrative.

Is Dirk older than Dave?

Dirk is Dave’s younger brother/genetic offspring in the Alpha timeline and his older brother/father in the Beta timeline.

Why did Dirk and Jake break up?

Upon being confronted by trickster Jake’s proposal to group marry him and once engaging in a failed version of trickster mode himself, Dirk breaks up with Jake. Dirk guesses that his intense advances towards him were partially initially because Jake was the only romantic target due to his orientation.

What is Lil Hal’s name?

His name, Lil Hal, is a reference to HAL 9000 along with Lil Cal. In addition, once he adopts the name, HAL’s iconic “eye” appears in the shades of some close-up panels. Not surprisingly, he views HAL as the protagonist of 2001.

What is Hal’s rebuttal to Dirk?

In Hal’s rebuttal, he claims that he is only acting how Dirk would, and uses lax language, once again suggesting that he wants them to have a peaceful relationship. A cracked Lil Hal. A humanoid Hal seen in [S] MSPA Reader: Mentalbreakdown. His name, Lil Hal, is a reference to HAL 9000 along with Lil Cal.

Who is Lil Cal in Homestuck?

Lil Cal is a puppet featured prominently in Homestuck. Many iterations of him have been observed to exist, such as one in the possession of pre- scratch Dave ‘s older brother, another acting as the supposed guardian of Dirk in the post-scratch universe, and even an identical one belonging to Andrew Hussie as given to him by Eyes5 .

What happens to Jack when he stares into Lil Cal’s eyes?

When Jack stares into Lil Cal’s eyes, they gradually turn into flashing pool balls. Jack becomes hypnotized by Cal (or, rather, by the soul of L